Earning $$ from Blogging

Was reading Digital Life during lunch today when I came across the article about earning $$ from your blog.  The usual suspects came up – adverlets, nuffnang, adsense.  Decided to put the adverlets banner back on my blog.  Took it down in Jan and never bothered to put it back up ‘cos I thought it was ridiculous that an online/ web-based company can forget to renew their domain registration.  Only earned S$8.30 on it for the 4 months when I was running it… heh.  Quite pathetic considering bloggers with bad English and fat thighs are earning multiples of that.  But oh well… my blog isn’t exactly being marketed so I’ll just have to let it be.

Anyway, it costs about S$18 a month to maintain this site so would appreciate if you could help generate a little more ad traffic by clicking on the banner at the bottom of the right panel of the blog.  Heh.  One click a day goes a loooong way.  Heh.

Drugged on the Last Birthday of my 20s

Ha!  Caught your attention didn’t I?  Not that it’s entirely untrue… I am drugged – the medication sort. 

The celebration for the last birthday of my 20s started last Thursday in office with the gals (Booze Queen, Bubbs, XLS, and Jess) planning a surprise celebration for me.  They got this yummy chocolate rum cake from Awfully Chocolate and it was good!  Make that doubly good since my very next meal, a seafood dinner celebration with my family, gave me severe food poisoning.

The seafood was taken at the Sinma coffeeshop "restaurant" at Geylang Lor 3.  No one else at the dinner was inflicted so it must’ve been a particular piece of seafood that I took that was bad.  Really bad.  The vomiting and diarrhoea started on Friday morning.  At first I thought it would go away with medication – Po Chai pills, imodium, Chi Ka Chi (Chinese med for vomiting), so Iceman and I went ahead with our plans to drive up to Malacca for a overnight stay. 

However, by the time I got to Malacca, the food poisoning got so bad, I couldn’t even hold down water.  Everything I drank, sipped, etc, came out.  I vomited and had diarrhoea about 20x each.  Lost count after the 15th or 16th time so I can’t be sure.  Couldn’t sleep the whole of Fri night either ‘cos my feet kept cramping, probably due to the body being dehydrated.

Made it back to JB on Sat late afternoon and went to see a doc.  Was given more imodium and another med to stop the vomiting. 


Ok, I just slept for 8h ‘cos I was typing the above post after taking some new cocktail of medicine and suddenly got really sleepy and knocked out for 8 hours.


To wrap up the story about my great fantastic ordeal, the vomiting stopped after taking the medicine from the JB doc… but I still felt nauseous after food and still had diarrhoea.  Went to see my regular doc this morning and was given a cocktail of 4 medicine – lomotil for diarrhoea, charcoal tablets for wind, something else for stomach pain and something else for nausea.  (Can’t remember the names now).  Knocked out for a full 8h after the first round of medication.  Just took a 2nd round and I’m sleepy again!  Oh no!