Hungry in Makati

Life in Philippines is sloooooow.  My flight arrived early.  Instead of 8:40pm, I landed early at 8:25pm but waited till 9:05pm to get my luggage and by the time I got to the hotel, it was 10pm.  Sigh.  Was starving.  Took photos of my lovely room (not as luxurious as Shangri La but still nice nonetheless), then went to check out the Club lounge, and then headed to the coffee house for dinner.

Gosh!  Dinner was yummy but so pathetically small!!  I was starving even at the end of it.  Thinking I may eat the fruits in my room.  Heh.  Here’re the photos of my room & the hotel.





At the entrance of my room.  The toilet’s on the left, wardrobe’s on the right.







Sofa area.







I love the king-size bed.







Check out the nice cushiony hanger!







The pathetic little serving of Sukiyaki.







Hotel lobby.







Hotel lobby area.







I think the fruits will come in handy later… hungry…




I got a bit of a scare when I first opened my room door.  I heard this high buzzing sound… of a TV that’s switched on but switched to a silent channel.  I was a little scared ‘cos I was worried that maybe there was some screw up or something and the room was double booked. 

I paused for a short while but hearing no other noises, I ventured deeper into the room.  The TV was on.  But it was to the main menu and guess what?  The TV even had my name on it!  Fwah!  Talk about cool man!  Heehee.

Okie… gotta go shower… soon… *yawn*.

Singapore’s Level of Service Improved? My Ass!

Once again, I am the author of a lengthy complaint email.  Enjoy.


Dear Whom-It-May-Concern,
I am forced to write this complaint email thanks to your staff, Malah (or however you spell her name).  Due to her nasty attitude and inability to converse, I have no choice but to put down my points in writing.
1. Park & Ride – Simei Blk 248

  • I purchased a Park and Ride package on 4 April 2008 at 12:54:32. 
  • On the night of 4 April 2008, when I exited the carpark between 10-11pm, I was STILL charged for the full day’s parking at Simei.  Does it take more than 10 hours for something as simple as a renewal of season parking to be processed?  The first time I bought my Park and Ride package, it took less than an hour to be effected.
  • On 5 April 2008, I parked at Simei Blk 248 from about 12pm to 11pm.  Again, I was charged for the full day’s parking. 

Please review the matter and issue the refund due to me.

2. Malah’s Extremely Rude Behaviour
I contacted the Transitlink office regarding the above over-charging issue one month ago in April.  However, their staff, Helen, did not follow up as promised and thus I sent an email regarding this matter again yesterday.  A Janelle from Transitlink called me promptly and said she will look into the matter.  The next call I received was from your staff, "Malah". 

The minute I answered Malah’s call, she was on an extremely defensive mode and starting rattling on about how there was no wrong charges for 4th and 5th May.  At first, I was confused by her, before I realised that she checked the wrong month.  I told her that I was overcharged in the month of April and not May, which made her even more defensive and she something to the effect of, "Why all of you tell me the wrong month?  Of course I check wrongly".

Although I do not know WHO made the mistake – whether it was Janelle who told her the wrong month, or Malah who heard the wrong month, the person at fault was certainly not me.  My email to Transitlink clearly stated the right month.  Nonetheless, I endured the incessant griping from Malah and asked her to please help check for the month of April.

Malah called me back not too long after.  This time, the minute she called, she started lecturing me about:

  1. Why did I not renew the season parking early?
  2. Sembenviro gives a grace period of 3 days so why didn’t I renew my season parking on time?
  3. Since it was "my fault" for not renewing on time, why didn’t I call Sembenviro to inform them about my late renewal?

I have EXTREMELY good answers for why I did not do the above.  However, I was unable to tell Malah my reasons because SHE DID NOT ALLOW ME TO SPEAK.  I tried NUMEROUS TIMES to explain my reasons to her but she CUT ME OFF EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The irony is, when I finally lost my patience and told her to stop cutting me off because that is extremely rude of her, I could not complete my 2nd sentence because she CUT ME OFF AGAIN saying (very ironically), "I am not cutting you off".

May I know, does SembEnviro have any sort of training for frontline staff?  Perhaps a simple 30 minutes session on "How to hold a conversation" would do great good for your staff.

That said, please note that the reason why I did not renew my season parking in time was:

  1. I was not in Singapore from 18 Mar – 3 Apr, and your system did not allow me to renew my season parking before I went abroad.
  2. The day after I returned to Singapore, I went to renew my season parking immediately and even though I had missed 3 days of parking in April, I still paid the full price of $70.
  3. When I went to renew my season parking at the Transitlink office at Raffles Place, I was NOT informed that I needed to call Sembenviro to inform yourselves about the late renewal.

I certainly hope this email is not checked by Malah because I do not believe I will get a fair and just response from someone as unreasonable sounding as her.  I also do not wish to ever hear from her again.  Please allocate another staff who is able to hold a proper conversation to follow up on this.

Please be forewarned that to ensure my complaint gets fair airing, I may be publishing this email, as well as any replies from you in any public media or forum that I deem appropriate.

Thank you.



Does this happen to anyone else out there?

Mabuhay Again

Was just informed today that I’ll be going to Manila on Mon and I’ll be back on Wed night or Thur evening, depending on flight availability.  Won’t be a very pleasant trip I think ‘cos we’ll be discussing some problems the client is having and everything kind of touchy and sensitive now so…. hope it works out well.  Doesn’t help that I need to REALLY familiarise myself with how Business Interruption claims are computed.  I hate maths and anything that involves numbers.  Argh.  Bleah!

07052008475 Worked relatively late today.  Had a craving for sambal kangkong so I got the zi char stall at the Simei Kopitiam do a special order for me – fried rice with sambal kangkong on top!  All for the price of $6.50 only!  Cool hor?  Hehe.  Would’ve been better if I didn’t dabao I suppose ‘cos the gravy from the sambal kangkong was absorbed into the rice, leaving the veggie a little dry.

04052008474 Talking about food… Iceman and I tried the "Bao Today" restaurant (or something like that lah) on Sunday.  The Chinese tea served is damn strange.  It’s served in a bowl.  What the heck is that about man!  I mean, a bowl?!  Iceman said maybe they were trying to be "authentic" but… I know Chinese wine was drunk from bowls centuries ago lah… but tea?!?  Eh, Chinese tea culture quite developed you know… why do you think we have those cute little teapots and a certain way of preparing/ pouring the tea?

07052008477 Anyway, my prize from the Brand’s can’t-remember-what contest got delivered today.  Yippee!!  The prize looks fantastic man.  I loooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvveeee Brand’s essence of chicken (or EOC for short).  I had 2 boxes of EOC, 1 box of EOC + cordyceps, 1 box of bird’s nest (yucks, I don’t like bird’s spit), and 1 box of EOC for kids (with Vit B complex)!

OK.  I gotta focus on the last 20min of today’s episode of Pandemic now.  While I sip my Choya.  Heehee.  I need to relax after losing my temper 2.5x at ABNNs today.

Australia Part 4 – Adelaide

When people heard I was going to Adelaide, everyone said the same thing to me – "It’s BORING!".  Well, Adelaide is indeed a very quiet town.  We stayed at 2 service apartments that were right in the heart of the city so that made getting around easy.  Food was cheaper in Adelaide too!  Thank goodness.  Haha.  And while drivers in Melbourne were quite paranoid about getting fined by the traffic police, the drivers in Adelaide were quite reckless!  I saw cars beating red lights at least 4 times a day.   It’s crazy man!!




Oaks Horizon – Master Bedroom.  Patience had a friend, Bearbear, who was smuggled to Australia in Iceman’s luggage.  She was very glad for the company though she kept beating him up at first ‘cos she thought he was trying to be funny by saying his name was "Bearbear".  She’s not very patient.






Our very well equipped kitchenette.








Nice living area.








A very interesting erm, dustbin in the middle of Rundell Street (that’s the main shopping street in Adelaide!)







Iceman & I visited Central Market & I just had to take a pic of the yellow bananas to honour the Funky Bananas!!







Chinatown.  I’m proud to be Chinese.  We’re everywhere!  Muahahaha.. *evil shriek*








I thought the message on the closed door was funny…








Iceman’s MBA course mate took us up Mt Lofty early early in the morning.  Pity it rained so the view was cloudy and we didn’t get to see anything.  Sigh.  Exact same sight that greeted me on Mt Wellington in Hobart!







We did manage to do a bit of walking and I was bushed!  (Pun intended…)







Sibeh high-tech public toilet ah!








The University of Adelaide








A typical historical "Victorian" style house in Australia.  Seen one, seen all.







The National Wine Centre in Adelaide.  (Booze Queen – took this pic to tempt u… rows and rows and rows of wine!!!!)








More booze!






Very interesting pavements in Adelaide – strewn with coins from various Asian (I think) countries.  Saw 2 or 3 ringgit coins there… but only 1 SGD 0.20.  SGD not cheap..







Miller Apartments








Food for humans with no magical powers…








Hahndorf, a village where the early German settlers sunk roots.  So some sunk more than roots…







German Char Siew








Lego’s predecessor.  This model was made w/o glue or screws!  Just pegs!







I liked that reddish tree.  The leaves looked like maple leaves but I really don’t know what it is.







You can put bunnies on anything and I’ll like it!















Yummy Gelato!







The Pie Cart









Comes with special parking ok!








Adelaide’s Festival of Lights








Check out how the same building changes its look!








A mixture of various local produce at one of the vineyards in Mclaren Vale.  The cheese was sooooo good.  First time I actually loved the blue cheese!







Another vineyard… can’t remember the names now!







First public toilet in Victor Harbour ah!  Don’t play play.








This was supposed to be the biggest rocking horse in the world.  Heh.  Found the place by accident while driving to Barrosa Valley.







At the National Motor Museum








The Whispering Wall (it’s really a dam).








Yeah, works.








Iceman’s MBA convocation








Didn’t do much shopping but this is the Adelaide Arcade.  Heh.







Saw this sign at the Adelaide Airport.  I think they’re weird.  I wouldn’t drink water used for flushing toilets, recycled or not.  😛




Phew!  That was a looooong post since I spent 1 whole week in Adelaide.  Overall, it was a great trip.. though Bigmac is still sore about my long holiday!  Heh.