My Mom’s Regret

My dad went to China last Thurs.  The first 2 nights, I got home relatively early so I took turns locking up Coffee + Peanut and Pinky + Horlicks, so each pair had their chance to run into the other pair’s enclosure space & "stretch their legs".

But I was really busy over the weekend and got home past 11pm the past 2 nights so the bunnies had to stay in their respective enclosures.  4 days of not "stretching their legs" proved too much for Horlicks and Pinky.  They have been banging on the door that separates the 2 enclosures the past few nights.  Tonight, my mom said the minute she got home, Pinky heard her footsteps and started mauling the door.  She said he was banging the door so hard, she thought the entire barrier would collapse!

Feeling sorry for Pinky and Horlicks and seeing that Coffee and Peanut happened to go back to their own cages, my mom locked Coffee and Peanut’s cages and opened the barrier door so Horlicks and Pinky could run freely.

Big mistake ‘cos the next thing she knew, Horlicks went and peed next to Coffee’s cage in order to mark territory.  Haha.  So now my mom has to hose down the yard floor.  I think she regrets giving in to Horlicks and Pinky.  Hehehehe.  They’re such naughty bunnies.  😛