I Thought I Couldn’t Count…

Had drinks with some colleagues just now and we started talking about our uni days, whether we stayed in the hostel or not, etc.

Kid’s Meal: I didn’t take part in any CCA or activities during my uni days.

Bigmac: Why not?

KM: I think it’s ‘cos the hall I was in was not the right type of people I like so I didn’t really take part in the activities.  Moreover, I had a 6-day week so no time.

Bigmac: 6-day week?  But u can plan your timetable what.

KM: First year cannot.  Fixed timetable.  But I had Wed & Fri off lah.

Bigmac: Wait, wait.  If u had Wed & Fri off, how can u have a 6-day week?

KM: Ya!  It was 6 days.  I had lessons starting Mon till Sat.

Me: Er, that’s only a 4-day week.  Not 6 days.  U had 2 days break what.

KM: No.  It was 6 days.  ‘Cos lessons start from Mon to Sat.  I consider 4-day week like if the lessons were only from Mon to Thurs.  Then that’s a 4-day week.

Me: (mutters under my breath) No wonder u couldn’t fit in with the people in your hall.