To Blog or Not to Blog

Very few things are secret nowadays.  Found out from a friend today that she chanced upon my blog while searching for some holiday stuff in HK.  Not that I mind her knowing ‘cos I think I did tell her about my blog about 2 years ago… but it’s a good reminder that I need to be mindful about what I post on the blog.

So I mentally went over the stuff that I’ve written and/or typically write… and concluded the most damning thing about my blog are my stories on Kid’s Meal and Smarties.  That said, those stories are real incidents so… while I suppose it might be a little unkind to publish such examples of grave ignorance on my blog… technically speaking, they can’t fault me for it?  😛

I suppose what I would be most concerned about is that I don’t publish anything that would have a material adverse impact on my job/career.  Thank God I like my colleagues (99% of them) and I get along well with my bosses.  *Phew*.  So I haven’t had the need to cuss at them virtually via this blog.  Hehe.  (Nonetheless, should you read something here that you think is inappropriate, please please do drop me a note so I can reflect and amend if necessary!)

010809 and 020809

I think Iceman and I will very likely to be going with Hyatt for our wedding dinner in Singapore.  Actually we’ve pretty much decided on it.  Our new coordinator, Ah Man, is working on the draft contract and will email it to us by end of the week (I told her she could take till early next week if necessary).  We’ll then review, make any amendments if needed and then pay the deposit and sign the original contract next week.

As recommended by Zounds, Iceman and I have both signed up for the Standard Chartered Manhattan card so that we can get the credit rebate for bulk payments of wedding stuff (banquet, bridal package, etc).  Hopefully, the card will be ready by next week so we can use it to pay for our deposit.  Heh.

Anyway, we’ll be looking at having the JB dinner on 1 Aug 2009 and the Singaopre dinner on 2 Aug 2009.  Coincidentally, the gal whom I’m the replacement headcount for at work, is also having her wedding on 2 Aug 2009!  Freaky coincidence man.  (She’s the reason why Grand Copthorne isn’t available :P).

To sum it up, once we ink the contract with Hyatt, that would be 1 big load off our minds.

Next step – need to settle the JB dinner venue.

Sure hope we break even from the two dinners!