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Roach Riddance Rampage

Ok, so my title exaggerated a little but I liked the alliteration.  Haha.  Was in the bathroom just now when I heard a persistent fluttering of wings against the insect screen on my bathroom window.  Saw a "teenage" cockroach on the screen.  Real foolhardy roach.  I had time to finish doing my business, wash my […]

To Change or Not to Change?

Zounds managed to contact his friend who had his wedding at Hyatt end of last year.  His friend confirmed that he only paid a $4k deposit and there was no 50% pre-dinner instalment nonsense.  Zounds suggests that I call his friend’s coordinator instead.  Darn.  Now I’m not sure if I should: 1) Call the more […]

Blinded by Radiant Stupidity

I’m really kind of pissed off now.  Iceman and I took a look at Swissotel Merchant Court just now and we concluded that our preference would be to go with Hyatt.  However, 3 things that the banquet manager at Hyatt (Ms. Brilliance) said / did is making my blood boil.  Firstly, she told Iceman and […]

Iceman and I will probably be going with Hyatt for our wedding dinner in Singapore because the brand name is good and they have managed to accommodate most of the requests we put forth. The name of the banquet manager we’ve been dealing with has a very close meaning to “Brilliance” (as in shining). Anyway, […]

Better Together

I think finding the right person is akin to finding that glass slipper that fits, like how the prince found Cinderella.  Another description for it would be like wearing that person’s ring and having the ring fit perfectly. Was having a chat with a church friend recently when she brought up – hadn’t I considered […]


Hmm… saw some "Triangle of Life" article by Doug Copp.  There isn’t any real hard scientific evidence that can prove beyond doubt which theory is the right one but I’m inclined to join the anti-Doug Copp camp. Read more about it here.

Had drinks with some colleagues just now and we started talking about our uni days, whether we stayed in the hostel or not, etc. Kid’s Meal: I didn’t take part in any CCA or activities during my uni days. Bigmac: Why not? KM: I think it’s ‘cos the hall I was in was not the […]

My Mom’s Regret

My dad went to China last Thurs.  The first 2 nights, I got home relatively early so I took turns locking up Coffee + Peanut and Pinky + Horlicks, so each pair had their chance to run into the other pair’s enclosure space & "stretch their legs". But I was really busy over the weekend […]

The Plan – First Cut

Have been busy trying to sort out the sequence of the wedding dinners, etc.  What Iceman and I have agreed thus far is this – The wedding will be in August 2009. We will have the JB celebrations on a Saturday – the customary "picking up the bride" in the morning, followed by tea ceremony […]


Booze Queen introduced me to this song, "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and featuring Colbie Caillat.  Didn’t really grab my attention the first time I heard it.  But the more I listened to it, the catchier I found it.  :)  I know I’m jumping the gun here but I think it might make a good song […]

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