The Asshole

Today is off to a bad start.  First thing in the morning… when I just got to my desk, before I even had the chance to boot up my pc, I received a call from an Asshole.  Now the Asshole is a Caucasian underwriter sitting in HK.  Despite my very detailed and exhaustive email to him explaining a risk I asked him to provide a quote on, he didn’t understand some spreadsheets values and was questioning me about the values (in a very condescending tone). 

Well, if he understood English and read my email explanation before opening the spreadsheet, he would have noted that his understanding of the values didn’t tally because the values were in Php and not USD, and the values were a per day rate, not an annual rate (all very clearly defined in my email).

After I patiently and politely explained the info to him, he asked, "So how much commission are you asking for this?"

This is the second time he has posed me this question.  Forgiving his short memory, I replied, "We are asking for XX%".

He then said, "You mean just taking all this data from the client and forwarding it to us, you think you deserve XX%?"

Though I was seething with anger, I kept my tone steady and replied, "Yes, we deserve XX% because we have done an extensive write-up of the risk and collated all the info from the client, without it you wouldn’t be able to understand the risk".

What an asshole.  I told Upsize about it.  I don’t think I want to give him any more potential business.  Stupid young brash arrogant condescending piece of shit.

Incredible Tales

A friend of mine related this story to me on Sun…

My friend works as a pianist at a 6-star hotel.  During her break 1 day, she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As she stood at the water dispenser with her drink, a pinoy trainee waitress came, carrying a half-filled cup of milk.  The trainee was about to fill up the cup of milk with hot water when my friend stopped the trainee to ask her what was she doing. 

The trainee’s most amazing reply was, "The customer wants skimmed milk".