Bunny Pictures – 7 Jul 2008

Haven’t taken photos of the bunnies for some time.  They’re quite happily resettled at the side of the house… with Peanut & Coffee occupying 1 longish enclosure and Pinky & Horlicks occupying the other. 

Peanut, Coffee & Horlicks have maintained their looks and size… Pinky, like his late father, suffers from the scourge of the bulge.

It’s amazing how Pinky bears his daddy, Muah Chee’s features but yet his mom’s fur colours.





Photo of Pinky & MC – taken a few days before MC’s death.








Pinky’s on the right, Horlicks’ on the left.  Don’t you think Pinky has the same facial features as his dad?






Horlicks – eyes closed ‘cos of the glare of the red camera focus light. 

Pinky – he loves taking photos.. see he’s all prepped!







Peanut is really curious about the red focus light.








Her ears perk up as she hears me shuffling in a squatting position across the floor…






I was trying to get to the other side of the bunnies… wanted to get a clearer shot of Coffee.  His dark fur makes it really tough!




I’ve been trying to convince my dad to feed the bunnies (Pinky in particular) more healthful food like hay.  My mom cut out an article in the papers that talked about how pellets should only be fed as supplements because they are very fattening.  So my dad has reduced the amount of pellets he feeds them.  However, he increased the amount of grains!  Which are also fattening and should be given as treats!  Not on a daily basis!  But he refuses to listen to me.  SIGH!  🙁

Henderson Waves

After reading about the Southern Ridges in Singapore and seeing the nice pics of Henderson Waves in the papers, Iceman and I decided that we would visit it this weekend.  We drove and parked at Telok Blangah Hill… somewhere along the middle (I think) of the 9km Southern Ridges.  Took a short walk to scout the surroundings and some saw some scenic spots that would make for a good backdrop for wedding photos.

It was about 6:30pm when we reached… and we figured we probably wouldn’t be able to cover the whole 9km stretch.  We decided to take a walk to Henderson Waves and it was a nice walk.  Nice cool evening, a few mosquitoes but luckily they were feeding off other people and not us…

Here’re some pics we took… it was difficult to get good shots ‘cos the park & bridge (Henderson Waves is essentially a super high – 63.something metres above sea level – overhead bridge) were teeming with people.



Somewhere atop Telok Blangah Hill.







Henderson Waves… I read somewhere about it being built based on a mathematical formula.  Talk about a nerdy origin…








The colours of the sunset were really pretty.






Good looking people to match the great backdrop.  HAHAHA.  *Surging ego*



We intend to make a couple more trips to check out the entire length of the Southern Ridges.  Lovely place for a stroll.  🙂