FCUK The Dark Knight

Got this from Azure.  This email is such a Joker.

French Connection meets The Dark Knight

Get acquainted with French Connection’s brand new limited edition range of
FCUK The Dark Knight merchandise. Style and fashion meet iconic characters
such as Batman and The Joker to bring you an exclusive collection of tees
and hoodies.

For the month of July, TANGS Fashion Lifestyle Cardmembers enjoy a 10% discount on the FCUK The Dark Knight range of merchandise. Any purchase from the FCUK The Dark Knight Range also entitles you to a free official movie poster*.

Exclusive Screening of ‘The Dark Knight’
Be one of the first to catch this blockbuster in Singapore. Receive a complimentary
pair of tickets* to an exclusive screening of ‘The Dark Knight’ on 18 Jul (Fri), 8pm
with a minimum nett purchase of $150 in a single receipt.

*While stocks last. All promotions valid at all French Connection stores.

French Connection stores are located at TANGS Orchard L3, TANGS VivoCity L1,
Wisma Atria #02-11 and Raffles City Shopping Centre #02-39.


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"FCUK The Dark Knight" just sounds darn wrong… what were the marketing folks thinking!

Different Looks

Really must applaud Lorelei on her wonderful WordPress themes.  These are the 3 that I downloaded… still can’t settle on which one looks best.  Heh… so I might be switching them around for a while. What’s your opinion?




Japanese Fleur – This was the first to catch my eye.






Flora Scent – Then I downloaded this ‘cos I liked the colours.







Divalicious – This is damn cool too!  Heh.




Sigh.  It’s such a dreary Monday.  Didn’t go to work ‘cos I was sneezing my head off after I got up.  Went back to sleep and woke up with a red, swollen and watery right eye.  Went to the doc in the afternoon & got MC & medicine.  Felt pretty much back to normal in the late afternoon.. then the time of the month arrived and I was stuck with a horrible stomachache in the loo.  Argh.

Today sucks.

P.S. Decided to go with the Divalicious theme ‘cos I’m feeling grumpy & moody (read: diva-ish) ‘cos my tummy hurts.  Bleah!

Nuffnang vs. Advertlets

Sigh.  I’ve joined Advertlets for close to a year now (including the 3-4 months when I removed the stupid Advertlets code from my blog ‘cos the company so spectacularly messed up their domain name renewal) and sad to say, my earnings are about RM 20+, which is way below the cash out limit of RM 100 set for Singapore blogs.

I was thinking about Nuffnang again with the latest overhaul of my blog and I decided to do an online search to see which is the better ad server.  I thought I would find posts on pros and cons of the 2 ad servers but no… all I found were users complaining that Advertlets doesn’t pay!  And when it does, it pays a discounted amount of the earnings recorded and the reason given is always "fraud" by the user.  If it was really "fraud", then why on earth did Advertlets allow the user to continue earning $$ on the account?  Or does it only become "fraud" when a user wants to cash out?

I am appalled.  That RM 20+ I have in my account so far (assuming it’s really there), was painstakingly earned.  I don’t advertise my blog so readership is limited to pretty much my friends and some kind strangers who follow the stuff I gripe about.  While I don’t usually trust easily what I read on the Internet, the fact that Advertlets can mess up their domain name renewal has greatly discredited their ability in my eyes.

So I’ve decided to revert to Nuffnang… which was the first ad server I signed up for last year, but abandoned because I wasn’t getting any ads served to my blog.  A pleasant surprise this time round because once I uploaded the Nuffnang code, I got a STB ad right away.  Yay!  So please help support this blog (it costs about SGD 18+ monthly) and click on the Nuffnang ad ok?


P.S. A (far from exhaustive) list of the complaints on Advertlets can be found here.

Blog Make-Over

Don’t worry.  It’s still me.  After visiting the Fairy’s Inc website, I was very inspired by the light colours and did a search for any "fairy" related theme.  Been wanting to do an image overhaul of the blog for some time but never saw anything I liked… till today.  So viola!  Behold the new look.  (It’s been a year since the last major make-over!)