This Week Sucks

I’m upset.  This week mega sucks.  I was so looking forward to trying out mineral makeup foundation so I left work at 6:30pm to check out Glominerals at True Colour at Ngee Ann City.  Booze Queen came along.  A non-English speaking woman served us.  While I was ok with it… it kind of annoys me now why should I, as the customer, accommodate a sales person’s incompetency when I should’ve insisted on an English speaking staff serving me. 

But I digress.  The first foundation the woman let me try was a little too whitish.  Made my face look a little ghostly.  She insisted that was the best shade because the colour will "oxidise" after a while.  So I waited a while.  It was still as white.  We left the shop after I found out that the foundation cost $82.80.  That’s twice as much as what I pay for at MAC and I wasn’t sure if it was worth forking out the money for.

We then went to MAC to check out the mineral makeup range.  Unfortunately, the "mineralised foundation" that MAC has only comes in liquid form.  I hate liquid foundation.  Too much trouble to apply. 

We eventually went back to True Colour and I asked the cheena woman to let me try a shade darker than the whitish foundation she recommended the first time round.  This time, the colour she recommended turned out to be a little pinkish.  Which was still rather contrasting to my neck colour. 

Booze Queen then found a honey tone, which looked a lot closer to my skin tone (which is quite yellowish).  We still felt it was a little light so the cheena woman got a darker shade for me to try.  When she applied the foundation on my chin, it blended well with my neck colour.  I also brushed on the foundation on my inner forearm and it blended with my skin.  I was quite pleased and went ahead with the purchase.

After I got home, I removed my makeup and excitedly tried on the new foundation.  GOOD GRIEF.  The colour was so dark!!  It’s sooo dark that my face turned brown.  I can pass off as a Malay.  It’s THAT dark.  I was totally shocked.  How can the colour look so different from the shop and at home?  Was it because of the brush the cheena woman used to apply the foundation?  Did the brush give a much lighter colour?  And at home, using the thin and fur-like sponge, the colour came out too dark? 

I cleaned off the foundation completely and re-applied, using a very light touch of my fingers.  The result was still as dark.  WHAT THE HELL happened?  It’s so dark I could probably give it to Bubbs or XLS to try! 

I’m extremely displeased about it.  Going to the shop to make noise tomorrow.  I wonder if it’s the lighting at the shop that distorted the colour?  I did complain at the shop that their lighting made it very difficult to see the makeup.  But I highly doubt they’ll let me change to a lighter shade.  After all, what will they do with the one I’ve opened?  Not sure if I want to get a lighter shade.  It’s too much money to spend on 1 bloody foundation.  Grrr.  This is a freaky sucky week. 

Eye on the Road

11052008478 This pic was taken some time back… when I was headed to Cityhall area to meet Iceman.  I can’t remember for sure which ECP entrance was this… it’s either the entrance coming from Marine Parade or from Xilin Avenue. 

Anyway, there was this bad jam on the road and I was wondering why on earth was there a jam on a Sunday afternoon.. aha!  Saw from far that some driver very brilliantly drove into the ditch. 

Managed to get this shot when my car was inching around the bend.  No one was injured… saw the owners of the car standing and watching the tow truck yank their car out of the ditch.  Sigh.  Wonder how fast they must’ve been going to have flown off the road.  Really lucky for them that no one was hurt.

Talking about accidents.  NTU Buddy wasn’t so lucky.  Spoke to him briefly over MSN 2 nights ago.  His car is in the workshop ‘cos the back got smashed in quite badly by another car.  He said he suffered slight injuries too but didn’t elaborate (I’m guessing whiplash).  He said he’ll tell me the details when we next meet up but in a nutshell, some guy rammed into his car and almost immediately, another car with 2 guys inside appeared.  These 2 guys said they were friends of the first guy and that they happened to be mechanics.  I think they tried to make a deal with Buddy to fix his car but Buddy said it was damn obvious that the whole thing was a scam.

He’s going to claim on his car insurance policy.  I said he should’ve reported the incident to the police and let the police investigate to see if it was really a scam.  Reporting the accident to the insurer isn’t enough!  Will get more details from him when we meet.

Till then… it’s bedtime once again.  Heh.  Nitez…

Cheap Good Western Food



Ah!  Another pic from the hp.  I used to like to go to this corner coffeeshop that’s opposite Katong Mall for its Western food stall.  The food is cheap & good but I stopped going in the past year ‘cos it’s really difficult getting cheap parking there.  Anyway, the good news is, the Western food stall has set up a branch at Tampines St 11!  Woohoo!  Check it out if you’re ever at Tampines St 11!

I had the spicy chicken spaghetti when I was there last week.  All pastas come with a Soup of the Day (which you’ll find out is always the Cream of Mushroom Soup) and a slice of garlic bread.  The meal costs $6.50.  Worth it right?

My parents had a steak each.  The steak comes with 2 side dishes (you can choose from a very delectable selection of hot/cold side dishes like potato salad, garden pasta, corn on the cob – reminds me a lot of Kenny Rogers).  Price of the meal?  Around $10 each.  Really yummy too!  (I love the potato salad!!  The dressing was fantastic!  *Slurp*).

I think Astons Express has a few more branches around Singapore so be sure to try it if you come across the stall!

I’ve Got It

15072008511It’s here!  Finally!  My Manhattan card has arrived.  Came in the mail today but with a few errors on the letter it arrived with.  The letter said there will be an annual card fee of $180 but the website said the card fee will be waived for 2 years. 

So I called SCB up and was informed by a guy named Chuan that the letter is wrong.  Quite a common complaint it seems because before I could complete my sentence about the annual fee in the letter, Chuan said they’ve had a few calls on this.  Anyway, he double checked and confirmed that the card fee is waived.

I also got Chuan to confirm that I’ll be getting the $20 cash rebate in my card next month.  Yeah!  The card looks nice man.  I’m happy.  Too bad the only pen I had to sign my signature with was this cheapo ballpoint with a really thin nib.  So my signature turned out to be this scrawly scratch.  Sigh.