Blog Hell & Back

I just went to blog hell and back.  Was really happy when I found a plugin that allows an automatic update of WordPress.  However, after the upgrade, I found that all my Categories went missing!

Thank God, I found the solution here.  I installed the phpMyAdmin programme and managed to add back the categories as per the instructions.  However, after that, all my category links didn’t work!  Kept getting a "Repeat Loop" error.

I thought it was some error on my recovery steps… so I left a comment on David’s blog asking for help.  He very very kindly took a look at my blog and told me that it was another WP 2.6 bug I was suffering from – the Custom Permalink weren’t working.

He also gave me the solution here.  But being the WP idiot I am, I decided it was easier to just disable the Custom Permalink plugin.  Heh.

OK, so most readers of my blog aren’t going to be bothered about all techie speak but I just wanted to give a summary of what happened here in case another person who’s as WP "un-inclined" as me will not have to go through blog hell too.  Heh.