Night Fest 2008

Went to the Night Fest with Iceman last night.  It was packed!  But worth the squeeze, knocks, "tsks", elbows and glares as the dancers in the sky (by Studio Festi) were really really good.

Here’re some videos I took.


Love this ballerina in the air.  Her pirouettes were beautiful! This was my favourite dance item in the entire performance. I love her spins in the air towards the end of the vid!


Ok… I thought this looked a little tacky.  Like those Chinese ghost shows of the 80s… (you can see the people pulling the cables on the ground).


This dancing couple wasn’t too bad either I suppose.


Anyway, my apologies for not having clearer photos.  That was the best my Nokia N82 could do.  I’m sure if you do a search on Youtube, you’ll find some clearer videos.  Heh.

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