Jurassic Park

When I was working at the phone-in helpdesk of a local ISP, I used to say I would one day publish a book titled "101 Stupid Users".  That could be module 101 for stupid users, or a compilation of 101 stories on stupid users… of which after they read the book, they wouldn’t be so stupid anymore.

Anyway, before I start on my "stupid users" story, let me tell you a story I heard from my colleague yesterday.  Her brother-in-law (BIL) is from the Jurassic ages.  He hates going to the bank so whenever he needs to get cash, what he would do is ring his provision store and order like loads of groceries and he’ll tell the provision shop owner, "Bring $2000 cash when you come".  So this way, the BIL gets his cash, together with his goods.

Recently, my colleague met the BIL again at some family gathering.  Very excitedly, the BIL said to her, "Tell you something.  If you ever want to get cash these day, you can just go to an ATM you know!  It’s so convenient!".

Bursting out laughing, my colleague said, "Oh my gosh!  Which age are you from?".


P.S. Booze Queen – the colleague in question is your boss.  Hahahahaha.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Woke up early (i.e. while it was still a.m.) today ‘cos I thought I could help Iceman collect his $50 prize from the National Library.  Unfortunately, they’re closed on Saturdays.  Slackers.  Decided to watch TV… sigh.  Nothing good on either.  Channel surfed and paused at Kids Central.  Don’t know what crappy cartoon was being shown.  Bleah.  Whatever happened to good old cartoons like Smurfs, Carebears, Walt Disney, Pink Panther, Popeye, etc??  All the cartoons nowadays are like violent, weak plot and badly drawn.  Yucks.  No wonder kids these days are growing up weird too.  *Yawn*.  Maybe I should go back to bed.

WordPress 2.6.2

Been using WP 2.6.2 the past few days to great satisfaction.  The bug on the Admin Panel Comments section got resolved too.  My pretty permalink isn’t quite cosmetically perfect but that’s another issue all together.  Since the index.php workaround works, I’m not very bothered.

Anyway, for those who weren’t aware, everytime you do an upgrade, you should compare your existing wp-config.php file with the new installation file which is named wp-config-sample.php.  Either transfer your settings to the sample-file and rename it to wp-config.php or copy the new statements from the sample file into your current file.  Don’t do a simple overwrite else your customised settings will be gone!!  It’s important to compare the statements because different versions of WP may have different authentication keys / secret keys that help harden your blog again spam attackers!