Horlicks, the Adventurer Bunny

Horlicks’ the most daring of all my bunnies (ever).  All my other bunnies will run away in fear when my car stops at the main gate & the headlights shine into the garden.  Horlicks, however, will run towards the glare of the headlights to see what’s the fuss about.  Not your usual bunny behaviour. 

Ever since my dad started letting Horlicks come into the house for a nightly run, she has explored the entire ground floor of my house.  Bored with the ground floor, she has now taken to running up the stairs.  It started with a slow & tentative climb up the stairs.. now, she just bounces up and hops down.  Heh.  Here’s a video of Horlicks.


Pinky has always been afraid of going up the stairs but my dad tells me that he can now be persuaded to follow Horlicks up the stairs.  Heh.  Hope to get a video of him doing that soon.  🙂

Buggy MSN Automatic Upgrade

Was prompted to do an auto Windows upgrade.  Not sure which product Windows was trying to upgrade but my MSN started displaying an error message everytime I booted up my laptop.  In the end, I uninstalled MSN and manually downloaded and installed MSN 2009 (beta).  The display’s not bad.  Each line typed is prefixed with a bullet point.  Makes the chat window a lot neater.

My Windows Live Writer was upgraded along with MSN.  Photos now can be done in various styles.  Really cool.  Hehe.  Best of all, there’s finally an option to have pictures aligned at the centre of the blog post.  Previously, Live Writer could only position it left or right and in order to get a pic in the centre of the post, I had to manually edit the HTML. 

I’m quite pleased with these 2 new versions so far.  Only drawback is that there doesn’t seem to be a compatible version of Msg Plus available for MSN 2009 yet.  *Sniff*.