I think there’re some people in my company who are very free.  While the rest of us start rushing work the minute we sit down at our desk, they can spend the entire morning chatting away.  About how low the Aussie dollar is against the SG dollar now, about how much rentals have gone up, etc.  Totally unrelated to work.  I’m amazed.  Life is good for some. 

What irked me though, was when the Aussie guy said that he’s ashamed of his country given how low the AUD has dropped.  Gee… why is he ashamed?  Is he implying that it is a given that the AUD should be stronger than the SGD?  And on what basis?  It was only in the last 4-5 years that the AUD has risen against the SGD and that’s only ‘cos our government decided that this would be good in bringing investment and tourists into the country.  Duh.  If the SG government had allowed our currency to freely float, the SGD would definitely be much higher than it is today.

Chao angmoh.