God’s Gift to Oily Lids?

image Bought a Bridal magazine for the first time yesterday.  Didn’t yield much useful information – I didn’t like the gowns inside nor the hairstyles nor pretty much anything else.  The one and only useful tip I got was the introduction to the product in the picture on my right – Eye makeup remover in the form of a cotton bud.  Clarification: it doesn’t remove all your eye makeup but it probably helps in cleaning up or touching up spots and smudges.

Just did a search online and found that this product is sold at Apothecary + Co. at Raffles City Shopping Centre!  I can’t wait to get it.  Since I can get rid of my oily eyelids, I might as well get something that can tackle them!


And for the record, for me, the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner does smudge… but not as bad as MAC’s Gel Liner.  🙂