Still Not Getting It Right…

     I searched through the 4 WP theme sites recommended by Kelwin.  Found 1 that I particularly liked… and some others that I uploaded into my themes folder for possible future use.  Here’re some screenshots:


     This is the one I really like.  Unfortunately, it’s not widgetised and when I checked the FAQ on how to widgetise it, I decided it was too "cheem" (difficult) for me to implement.



     This was my next favourite and it’s widget-ready… except that the paragraphs are like mashed together… which makes posts difficult to read.  *Sniff*.



     I thought this wasn’t too bad either… and if you imagine hard enough, you will see that the little girl is carrying a bunny.  Hehe.  Not sure if it’s widget ready though.  (Haven’t tested it).



     This isn’t too bad either… but… somehow… not quite my style.  Hmm… can’t place a finger on it.  Sigh.

     So how?  Should I use Chobit (the first one) for a while?  But that would mean I can’t load the chatbox nor my nuffnang ad banner (if they would blardy serve me some ads!).  Sigh.

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