Home, Sick

Am home on MC today.  Developed a slight cough after lunch at Sakae Sushi on Monday.  It got worse on Mon night and all the coughing resulted in a sore throat on Tue.  Tried to speak as gently as I could in office yesterday.  Also visited the doc for medicine… but I woke up losing my voice and gaining a fever today.  Sigh.  SMS-ed my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be going into office, took more medicine and went back to bed.  Spent most of the day reformatting my blog entries and chatting with my cousin on MSN. 


I’m quite bored now actually.  Time for more bo liao photos…



This was the mouse at Sakae Sushi.  Cute hor?  Though it’s a bit weird to be jabbing the frog’s eye every time I double-click on an item…


coach bag

This is the Coach bag my mom’s supposed to help me bring back from the US.



I also asked my mom to help get this Kate Spade bag from the US.  Hope she’s able to find it!   

Excuse me while I go cough up the phlegm in my throat.  Voice disappeared under it again.  Argh.

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