Your View, My View

     Just found out that I was wrong.  Only 2 other ladies in my office eventually went to the same tailor to get their cheongsams made there.  So the delay by the tailor wasn’t materially due to too many orders from our office (thank goodness J told Auntie Esplanade not to make her cheongsam there ‘cos there were too many orders already).  Booze Queen said my previous post on the issue sounded a little harsh.  I said even if the delay wasn’t a result of too many ladies from my office going to the same tailor, my point on having to safeguard your own interests remains the same and so I’m leaving the post as it is.  Well, like I said at the start of it, this is one of those things where we have to agree to disagree so there. 

     Ok.  I gotta get ready to go to the tailor now.  Popped 2 panadol tablets to control the fever and ate a slice for energy.  Now I gotta get dressed and bring some water with me for my trip.