global recession hits the forbidden city

dear fans of the most desirable Pinky,

it has been some time since i wrote to everyone.  i have been doing fine.  life was good and there was little to complain about… till my chef cum chauffeur decided to go to Germany.  he handed over the duty of serving my gourmet meals to my maid but she’s such a lazy worker.  instead of serving my dinner daily at 7pm, she has been serving it to me at 9pm.  "working late" was her excuse.  gosh.  what work could be more important that ensuring that my needs & wants are met?


picture of my mom and me dying from hunger

my mom & i nearly died of starvation tonight when our dinner arrived at 9:10pm.  don’t these minions know that we bunnies need to eat constantly to ensure that our digestive system doesn’t shut down for good?  skipping a meal could be fatal you know. 

in addition, instead of giving my mother and me yummy pellets every night, she has been skimping on it and substituting half the serving with hay.  putting me on a diet for health reasons, she claims.  oh the torture my poor little soul has to suffer.  thank goodness my breakfast is taken care of by my maid’s mom.


even the long suffering auntie Peanut was miserable.  sigh.  this global downturn is hitting us bunnies badly too.  everybunny’s feeling the gloom & doom.  i sure hope my chauffeur comes home soon.

hungrily yours,


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