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Maintaining a Healthy BMI

Azure saw something very disturbing on the train.  I thought… perhaps it’s a creative approach.  Thinking out of the box kind of thing you know?  She saw this girl reading a book on "Maintaining a Healthy BMI".  Guess what was her approach? Wonder if it works…

My Mom’s US Haul

Coach bags… 7 of them.  Ok, the brown one in the middle’s for me and another 2 were for my mom’s colleagues.  Heh.   My Kate Spade bag.  Woohoo!   My mom’s Kenneth Cole bag.  Hiak hiak.  Sorry for the blur pics… taken with hp camera in a not too good position.  Hands were shaking […]

Raffles Medical Centre Part 2

I was complaining to an ex-colleague yesterday about Raffles Medical Centre’s inefficiency and she told me that last month, she visited the OUB Centre branch because she was suffering from food poisoning.  The medicine she got wasn’t helping so over the weekend, she went to the Raffles Medical Centre near her place in Tampines.  She […]

Booze Queen showed me the clip on youtube – last lap of the F1 race in Brazil.  I know it’s evil but I was mocking Ferrari when they were celebrating Massa’s win and missed Hamilton’s miraculous overtaking of Glock at the very last turn of the last lap.     Congrats Hammie!!


I can’t help it – but I keep buying things that look alike.  Is this a sign of OCD?  Or is this called "personal style"? Shoes on the left were bought about a year ago, the ones in the middle were bought 2 years ago, and the ones on the right were bought today.   […]

I Hate Raffles Medical Centre!

    I’ve always felt that the doctors at Raffles Medical Centre suck ‘cos whenever i visit them for medicine for cold/flu, the medicine they prescribe never seem to work.  Last Tue, when my throat infection first started, I wanted to nip it in the bud and so I visited them straightaway.  The doc at Raffles […]

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