My Mom’s US Haul


Coach bags… 7 of them.  Ok, the brown one in the middle’s for me and another 2 were for my mom’s colleagues.  Heh.



My Kate Spade bag.  Woohoo!



My mom’s Kenneth Cole bag. 

Hiak hiak.  Sorry for the blur pics… taken with hp camera in a not too good position.  Hands were shaking a bit.  Heh.

Raffles Medical Centre Part 2

I was complaining to an ex-colleague yesterday about Raffles Medical Centre’s inefficiency and she told me that last month, she visited the OUB Centre branch because she was suffering from food poisoning.  The medicine she got wasn’t helping so over the weekend, she went to the Raffles Medical Centre near her place in Tampines.  She showed the 2nd doctor the med that was prescribed and the doc told her it was for gastric… not food poisoning.

Wah lau.  How screwed up can they be!


I can’t help it – but I keep buying things that look alike.  Is this a sign of OCD?  Or is this called "personal style"?


Shoes on the left were bought about a year ago, the ones in the middle were bought 2 years ago, and the ones on the right were bought today.



Top on the left was bought in May 2008 and the top on the right was bought today too!  See the similar sleeve?  Sigh.


I have another 3 pairs of shoes with a buckle across the front.  Hehe.  Wanted to take a photo too except 2 of the pairs are in office.  😛

I Hate Raffles Medical Centre!

    I’ve always felt that the doctors at Raffles Medical Centre suck ‘cos whenever i visit them for medicine for cold/flu, the medicine they prescribe never seem to work.  Last Tue, when my throat infection first started, I wanted to nip it in the bud and so I visited them straightaway.  The doc at Raffles Medical Centre (OUB Centre) prescribed med for "throat inflammation" and cough mixture and gave me 1 day MC.

    I stayed at home to rest on Wed & Thurs morning.  No improvement to my condition but I went back to work on Thurs afternoon anyway to see if there was anything urgent to do.  Caught a cold in office somehow and I was back at Raffles Medical Centre.  Saw a different doc who checked me again, and prescribed me cold medicine (actually the cold med prescribed was really Clarinase but in a different packaging).  I got an MC on Friday so I rested at home.

    Today’s the 5th day of my throat infection.  Still no better.  Throat hurts like hell, right ear hurts too, I can’t move my tongue about ‘cos the movement makes my throat hurt, still can’t talk (yeah, forgot to mention I lost my voice for 5 days already) and my appetite’s bad.  Went to my usual doctor at Simei and showed him the med the stupid doc at Raffles Medical prescribed.  DUH.  The tablets supposedly for "throat inflammation" were merely to get rid of phlegm.  That explains why it’s been 5 days and I’m still not getting any better.

    This affirms it.  The docs at Raffles Medical Centre (OUB Centre) SUCK.  Hate them.  Idiots.  Retards.  I’m never going back there again.