Christmas Isn’t Christmas

That’s one of my favourite Christmas carols.  Hope you liked the random video I pulled from youtube.  🙂

So how did you spend Christmas?  I had a lovely time this year.  Started with Christmas service in church, followed by a Christmas potluck with my cellgroup, having drinks with friends at Balaclava on Friday, a mini family gathering on Saturday and culminating in a crab makan session on Sunday.  I’m blessedly happy to be in company of friends and family.  It’s been really nice having Iceman in church the past few Sundays too.  I think 2008 has been a great year.  🙂

You know, JLC should be renamed Just Loving Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Isn’t Christmas”

  1. am still not loving xmas… unless weather drops by 10 degrees 😛
    prefers CNY.. ang baos, drinking, mahjong, stay up late w/o getting nagged at, official reason to shop…

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