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Kiss of Deaf

I’m not gloating over the lady’s misfortune but the thought that kissing can lead to loss of hearing tickles me. ==================================== Woman turns deaf after kiss SHANGHAI – A PASSIONATE kiss ruptured a young woman’s eardrum in southern China, state media reported on Monday, in what has been dubbed the ‘kiss of deaf’. The 20-something […]

Protected: Vicious Cycle

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Was working late yesterday evening and saw HR online just before I left for the night.  Feeling bitchy, I told her about the run-in I had with village idiot equivalent in my office.  Now, this “village idiot” is from our IT dept.  Let’s call her ITM (IT Moron) for short.  I saw the ITM sitting […]

Wedding Preparation Course

Iceman and I completed my church’s Wedding Preparation Course (WPC) over the weekend.  Before we started the course, a friend who attended another WPC with Touch Community said that her bf and her found out a lot of things about each other that they didn’t realise before.  She encouraged me to attend a similar course […]

I haven’t done a thorough check recently but I think Maybank is still offering one of the best (if not the best) interest rates around town.  Haven’t been using the iSavvy account much ‘cos I forgot my userid and password the past few months.  Only got down to sorting that out recently and what good […]

House Rabbit Society (Singapore)

Argh.  Been so busy the past week I’ve sooo many backlogged posts… things I wanted to write about but didn’t have time to get down to it. Anyway, for starters, please support the House Rabbit Society of Singapore‘s great work in providing foster homes for abused / abandoned bunnies by buying the merchandise they have […]

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