Not sure how many people still remember but there used to be this really cute e-mail software called Postpet where you can get your virtual pet to deliver your e-mails for you.  If the recipient of your e-mail has the Postpet software too, he will actually see your pet arrive at this inbox (which looks like a house) and deliver the mail to his pet.  The 2 pets can also interact and you can choose to do things like play with your friend’s pet, etc.  It was soooo adorable.  The pets available were a teddy bear, a bunny, a tortoise (or was it a turtle.. hmm) and I can’t remember what else.

postpet I know I had a really sweet bunny.  Hehe.  Zounds, Azure and I used to keep ourselves entertained while working at this ISP helpdesk by having our pets deliver e-mails to one another – despite the fact that we were seated next to one another.  Haha. 

It appears that the Postpet software has died in all markets except Japan.  Guess it was too kawaii for the rest of the world.  While running some online searches for the software (I thought of entertaining myself with it again), I saw that there’s also a Postpet for the Nintendo DS Lite!  Information however, has been limited.

Well, I’m not giving up just yet… shall continue my search at home.  Heehee.

CNY Drama

My mom told me this morning that my dad had a huge stand off with my 4th aunt (his sis).  This 4th aunt fell out and decided to cut all ties with the family following disagreements over my grandmother’s funeral arrangement and the subsequent execution of her "will" (which everyone suspects was doctored by my 2nd aunt but we never had proof). 

The bungalow that my grandmother left behind was eventually sold and the proceeds were shared equally among all the siblings so I have no idea what this aunt is sore about, especially when she is flooded with cash (inherited from her late husband’s estate) and is definitely not in need of money.

Anyway, my parents visited my 2nd aunt’s home on CNY day 2 and were invited to stay for dinner.  Shortly after dinner, my 4th aunt arrived with her kids.  My dad was in the toilet/kitchen and only my mom was in the living room so my mom went to the door to wish her happy CNY and to shake her hand (out of respect as my 4th aunt is older than my dad).  My 4th aunt wished my mom a happy CNY too albeit a little coldly.

My 2nd aunt and my dad then came to the living room and my dad walked forward to wish her a happy CNY… but my aunt cut him off saying, "We don’t know each other hor?".

My dad was mad.  He replied curtly, "Yah.  We don’t know each other."

My parents then took their stuff and left immediately.  My 2nd aunt saw them to the gate and was very apologetic about the whole incident.  She asked my dad to forgive their 4th sister. 

When my dad got home, he called his 4th brother (FYI – my dad’s the "7th brother") to complain and my 4th uncle reminded him that it was my 2nd aunt who stirred all the trouble when my grandmother passed away.  My parents however, felt that since my grandmother died so many years ago (in Feb 2002 I think), and given that my 2nd aunt has in recent years tried to mend ties with all her siblings, why hold grudges against her?  After all, we’re still family… and in the same light, it makes the actions of my 4th aunt all the more unacceptable.

Drama right?  Heh.  That’s what you get when you come from a really really huge family… TVB epic drama material.

Live and (Re)Loaded

These were some pointers/lessons that were touched upon and/or shared (by other participants) during the marriage preparation course but it is only recently that I have come to realise how they may affect me.

1. The couple should ideally set up a home of their own (if finances permit)

Not that there’s anything wrong with our parents’ homes/house rules but I think having a home of your own will help strengthen a couple’s relationship as they start to form their own value system for the family and institute their own house rules.

2. The wife/husband should talk to their respective parents

Having loved and tolerated our idiosyncrasies since we were kids, our parents are definitely more accommodating and receptive when we raise issues with them – versus having our spouse do the talking.

3. The husband must stand up for his wife

Although it is a horrible position to be caught between mother and wife, a husband must be fair and willing to speak up for his wife if the need arises.

4. The wife must not bring her grievances back to her parents’ home

I’m not saying that the wife should suffer in silence but it really would not help matters as the wife’s family will definitely take her side.  Why cause more misunderstanding/division?

5. The husband should be tolerant of the wife’s mood swings

(This is a personal observation).  Women, being more affected by their hormones, tend to have quicker mood swings (aka PMS or worse – menopause).  Husbands should not take this personally.

6. There is a time for everything

As wise man Solomon noted, there is a time for everything.  The wife should not be anxious to force the issue if the husband is not ready to talk about it.

7. God is in control

The most important lesson (in my opinion) – we cannot add an hour to our lives by worrying.  I have recently started to feel the stress of getting married – will I find an evening gown that I like, will the gowns be ready in time, will the photoshoot turn out ok, will the photos get developed in time, will we be able to meet the minimum 30 tables required by Hyatt, will the logistics of travelling from Singapore to JB be ok, will the immigration and customs be jammed, will we bust our finances… the list goes on.

A verse (2 verses actually) that has popped up in my head quite often these days is – 1 Peter 5:6-7, "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you".

What’s there to worry really.  God has given me the biggest comfort in the fact that Iceman is with me in Christ.

Everything will work out.


Was looking for a new theme for my blog.  Found 4 that I like but can’t quite decide which I should use.


This is nice except it’s a little too wide to fit exactly into my 1024×768 monitor setting.



Will it look like I lost my marbles if I used this?



Nice shade of colours except the design’s quite plain?



I quite like this except not many people may scroll right to the bottom and see the houses. 

Sigh.  What do you think?

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A few years ago, I asked a teacher friend of mine why did she adopt her husband’s surname.  She said it was because if she got pregnant in the future, she did not want her students to think that she had a baby out of wedlock.  I thought that was a fair enough answer though it did make me wonder, why is there no martial differentiation for men (i.e. a “Mr” can refer to a bachelor or a married man) but there is a martial segregation for women (think “Miss” versus “Mrs).

As my wedding date draws nearer, the matter of “marital differentiation” has returned to haunt me.  One thing I noted recently is that during weddings, people always refer to the newlyweds as “Mr and Mrs So-and-So”. 

This bugs me.

While the term “Mrs So-and-So” is used lovingly, it makes me feel as though the woman has lost her identity.  After all, our name is our most obvious form of identification.  To “lose” my name this way would make me feel as though the 30 years that I’ve lived as a single did not count for anything.  In the same vein, I’ve always rebelled against learning how to cook because I resent the saying, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen”.  That’s just so bloody degrading. 

The bible says in Matthew 19:5 that, “a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh…”.  I think that spells out an ideal marriage – a union of a man and a woman in love; not the subjugation of a woman after she weds.

So here’s an early warning to all well-meaning friends.  Do not refer to me as “Mrs” after my wedding.  You will surely get a earful from me.

1st Day of Chinese New Year

Today marks the last time I’ll be spending CNY as a single.  The day started out pretty much the same as the past few years – went to my paternal 4th uncle’s house to pay respects at my grandparents’ altar tablet (managed to avoid offering joss sticks this year by telling my dad firmly that I do not want to hold a joss stick but I will bow), followed by a simple lunch with my 4th uncle’s family and my 8th uncle’s family who arrived shortly after us.

More relatives gathered at my 4th uncle’s place and after chatting for 2 hours or so, we moved on to my paternal 3rd aunt’s home.  Spent another hour or so there before visiting my mom’s sister and then dinner at my paternal 9th uncle’s house.  The night ended with the traditional movie with some cousins I’m closer with.  This year, there were 12 of us (inclusive of 1 gf, 1 bf and 2 spouses).  This movie thing started with Believer and me.  There was this CNY when we had to return to NTU on the 3rd day of CNY.  We were very bored so he suggested catching a movie.  The following year, we expanded this movie outing to include the other cousins and before we knew it, this movie “tradition” has been done for the past 8-9 years.

2 of my cousins are also getting married this year.  As a result, a topic that came up a few times during this CNY was, do we need to give angbaos to unmarried cousins?  Given that we’re of the same generation, and some of my unmarried cousins are around 40, isn’t it a little odd to give them angbao?  Well, the single cousin that’s turning 40 this year thinks we should give.  She said it’s not the money that matters but just for “luck”.

I don’t believe in luck – I believe there are happy coincidences and crappy coincidences but I guess I get what she means.  Even if we just give her a small token, say $4-6, it’s just keeping with the custom and traditions of CNY.  This conviction that certain “happy customs” should be kept was strengthened when my 9th uncle’s wife decided to only give angbaos to people of my generation who are not working.  Gosh.  Since when was giving angbaos pursuant to being gainfully employed?  1 of my cousins jokingly said, “I was retrenched leh.  How?”.  My 9th aunt promptly replied, “Retrenched?  Then you should sign up for the WDA retraining course.  Don’t bluff me by saying you’ve signed up if you haven’t ah.  I’m a WDA trainer.  I can check.”

I wanted to roll my eyes in her face.  First you make up your own custom and then you boast about being a WDA trainer?  I mean, that revelation was totally uncalled for!  I question the standard of the WDA retraining programme now… after all, this aunt has been a taitai for the past 2 decades or more.  What makes her qualified to “retrain” someone so as to get a new job?  All her practical experience is being a taitai!  Good grief.  Some trainer she is man.  Pui!

Anyway, Iceman will be visiting my family and having lunch with us tomorrow, after which I’ll be going to JB to have dinner with his parents.  I wonder how we’ll sort out who to visit next year.  I guess we’ll definitely have to have the reunion dinner with his grandfather and extended family.  I think they have an extended family dinner on the 1st night of CNY too… and a dinner with just his immediate family on the 2nd night.  My concern is that I would wish to spend time with my extended family too.  The best opportunity to do that is during dinner on the first night of CNY ‘cos my dad’s sisters don’t join us for our reunion dinner (which thankfully is often held on 2 nights before CNY so I should get to see half the family then)… but that clashes with the dinner at Iceman’s grandfather’s place.  Sigh.  I wouldn’t want us to displease the older folks though I am missing my relatives already.  After all, I don’t have any siblings so my cousins are the the closest substitute to a sibling. 

Ok.. it’s getting late and I’m getting really sleepy.  Goodnight folks.  Here’s wishing everyone a bull run this year!

More Random Photos – Jan 2009









Horlicks wants everyone to know, she’s truly busty.










What the heck is “the only healthier choice”??  If it’s the only choice, then it can’t be “healthier” right?  Since there’s nothing to compare it with?  Perhaps the company meant “the only healthful choice”?  *Rolls eyes*.










Strange things wave to welcome me home sometimes… oh wait.. maybe my parents were just drying the oven mittens…










The colours are a little dark in the pic (or it could just be my old Sony Trinitron CRT monitor)… anyway, I got my nails painted a medium-light purple and I came home and painted 2 lines of glitter.  Heh.  Was pleased with the results on my left hand… but I couldn’t really get the lines straight on my right hand.  Sigh.










Anyway, it’s the last day of the year of the Rat.  Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  May you have a smooth sailing year ahead.  🙂