Fireworks 2009

P1020165 As this is potentially the last year I’m going to be working at Singapore Land Tower, Iceman and I decided to go to my office to take photos/videos of the fireworks at the stroke of midnight of 1 Jan 2009.  Our initial plan was to take the photos from Kopi’s room… but then I thought of trying a new angle (the previous fireworks videos I took were from his room) and so we camped at the window where the finance dept is seated instead.  Ok, that’s a bit out of point.  What I meant to convey was, I’m quite upset ‘cos I didn’t realise the reflection of the stupid “Exit” sign got captured in all my videos and pics.  I can edit out the sign in the photos I suppose… but I don’t think I can do that for the videos.  🙁

Anyway, there’s 1 big drawback for the Panasonic FX33 – photos of objects in pitch blackness turn out really bad.  So I shall wait for Iceman to edit the photos he took with his Canon D90 before posting them online. 

Am waiting for youtube to finish uploading the video(s) now… not sure how long it’s going to take and I’m starting to feel sleepy.  It’s 2:35am after all.  Going to brush my teeth while the darn video(s) upload… hopefully you’ll see them here soon.