Just got a great tip off my friend’s blog.  (Forgive my lack of geekiness).  For anyone who has been having problems with wireless Internet connections at home, you should try using a “Homeplug”.  It essentially uses the power lines to run the Internet connection around the home, as though it were a lan cable.  Fantastic.  For more info on how it works, click here.

Afterthought to the Fireworks

The fireworks on New Year’s day was a bit disappointing.  The fireworks were shot from further away from Marina Bay (probably ‘cos seats were sold at Marina Barrage on top of the usual Marina Bay grandstand) so I didn’t get the usual feeling of the fireworks blooming up close – as though they were going to explode in my face.  That was a little disappointing. 

Looking at the videos & photos, the effect wasn’t as spectacular as the previous shots (National Day 2007 & 2008) I took.  Think I’ll post the videos/photos when I get home so u can see what I mean.  Didn’t manage to post the previous videos ‘cos I had some problems uploading to youtube… but the size ceiling has since been increased so I think I should be able to do it now.  🙂

Fireworks – New Year’s 2009 (Raw Photos)

Okie… here’re some of the photos of the fireworks… don’t have photoshop (gosh, I really shouldn’t be doing this in office but first day of work… damn sian lah!) now so you gotta bear with the smoky images… only managed to use Photoscape to crop out some of the “Exit” signs on the photos…














Okie… guess the photos could have turned out better but Iceman unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take test shots as there were people in office before the fireworks started and we couldn’t switch off the lights.  Anyway, these raw photos were taken with the Nikon D90.

Armenian Church

Attended Old Goat’s wedding at the Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator 2 Sundays ago.  It was my first time visiting this National Monument and it’s really a lovely place.  It’s apparently the oldest Christian Church in Singapore.  I was quite fascinated with the tombstones there so I took a couple of photos of them.







































































Did a search online and read on Wikipedia that the tombstones were originally from the Christian cemetery in Bukit Timah.  But when that was exhumed in 1998, these tombstones were transported to the Memorial Garden of the Armenian Church.