First Attempt at Photoshop!

I’ve never really used Photoshop much so my editing skills suck obviously.  Just tried my first "major" attempt at editing a photo and I’m definitely feeling proud of myself.  Here’s the original photo:


And this is the edited one:

CV final 

Sorry for the small pics… had to balance my usual dilemma over being recognised versus showing a pic of myself to illustrate a point.  Heh.  Anyway, the changes I made were:

– Remove the corner of the picture frame in the background by colouring over with brush tool.

– Coloured my white t-shirt black using brush tool.

– Used liquify to level the shoulders (they were raised ‘cos it was a self-taken photo).

– Added some blusher to my cheeks (brush tool with 15% opacity).

– Brightened final photo.


Healthy vs Healthful

This was something that I learnt in school but still struggle with because the wrong usage is so pervasive in what I read on a day to day basis.  I often read articles saying, "this is a healthy diet" when it should be "this is a healthful diet".

The words healthy and healthful are closely related but they really mean different things.  Healthy refers to something having good health.  Hence, you can have a healthy body or a healthy business. 

Healthful, however, refers to something that is conducive to health – in other words, salubrious (or health giving).

Thus, a diet cannot be healthy because a diet cannot have bad health.  A person, on the other hand, can have good or bad health and hence a good diet is healthful, and it makes the person healthy.

When the Opposite of Negative is not Positive

My friend’s sis-in-law is expecting a baby and my friend’s parents were hoping to get a granddaughter as the first grandchild is a boy.  During the sis-in-law’s recent check up (she’s in her first trimester now), the gynae said, "There is nothing to suggest that it is a boy".  When this was conveyed to my friend’s dad, he immediately rang my friend and said, "It’s a girl!".

My friend told her brother what the dad said and he promptly asked her to help clarify things with their parents.  My friend was surprised that her dad would jump to such a conclusion since being a lawyer, he really should know better than to assume that "nothing to suggest it’s a boy" means that the baby is a girl.

I suppose the difficulty/confusion is when the opposite of a negative, i.e. "nothing to suggest…", does not equate to a positive.  Bottomline?  Don’t assume there’re just 2 sides to a coin.