More Random Photos – Jan 2009









Horlicks wants everyone to know, she’s truly busty.










What the heck is “the only healthier choice”??  If it’s the only choice, then it can’t be “healthier” right?  Since there’s nothing to compare it with?  Perhaps the company meant “the only healthful choice”?  *Rolls eyes*.










Strange things wave to welcome me home sometimes… oh wait.. maybe my parents were just drying the oven mittens…










The colours are a little dark in the pic (or it could just be my old Sony Trinitron CRT monitor)… anyway, I got my nails painted a medium-light purple and I came home and painted 2 lines of glitter.  Heh.  Was pleased with the results on my left hand… but I couldn’t really get the lines straight on my right hand.  Sigh.










Anyway, it’s the last day of the year of the Rat.  Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  May you have a smooth sailing year ahead.  🙂

Incoco Dry Applique

Had our reunion dinner with my dad’s side of the family tonight.  Saw my cousin’s nails with the coolest nail polish ever.  It’s made of a sticker that you stick on your nail and it looks like a salon standard manicure!  Super cool!  My cousin got Watsons.  I can’t wait for CNY to be over so I can get it from Watsons too!  😛  (Unless I can coax my dad to drive me to Eastpoint tomorrow to see if it’s available… too lazy to walk all the way there).

Here’s a website on how it works.  Damn cool!