Not sure how many people still remember but there used to be this really cute e-mail software called Postpet where you can get your virtual pet to deliver your e-mails for you.  If the recipient of your e-mail has the Postpet software too, he will actually see your pet arrive at this inbox (which looks like a house) and deliver the mail to his pet.  The 2 pets can also interact and you can choose to do things like play with your friend’s pet, etc.  It was soooo adorable.  The pets available were a teddy bear, a bunny, a tortoise (or was it a turtle.. hmm) and I can’t remember what else.

postpet I know I had a really sweet bunny.  Hehe.  Zounds, Azure and I used to keep ourselves entertained while working at this ISP helpdesk by having our pets deliver e-mails to one another – despite the fact that we were seated next to one another.  Haha. 

It appears that the Postpet software has died in all markets except Japan.  Guess it was too kawaii for the rest of the world.  While running some online searches for the software (I thought of entertaining myself with it again), I saw that there’s also a Postpet for the Nintendo DS Lite!  Information however, has been limited.

Well, I’m not giving up just yet… shall continue my search at home.  Heehee.

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