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Incoco Dry Applique

Had our reunion dinner with my dad’s side of the family tonight.  Saw my cousin’s nails with the coolest nail polish ever.  It’s made of a sticker that you stick on your nail and it looks like a salon standard manicure!  Super cool!  My cousin got Watsons.  I can’t wait for CNY to be over […]

The Throne

I’m sure this isn’t new news to many but it is to me.  Went to the Toast Box at Raffles City for kopi after dinner and went to the toilet next to it before I left.  I was mightily impressed!  This is what I found…                   A […]

Casually Speaking…

I got my COE after all.  Heh.  I told the agent all my points about how illogical it was for Tan Chong to bid so low for us, etc… and he spoke to his manager who eventually agreed to give us an Open Category COE at no extra charge.  Yay!  The new Latio Sport should […]

WTF is wrong with Tan Chong!

  Now I’m pissed.  We lost the COE bid by $1.  WTF is wrong with Tan Chong?  If they could bid $4,388 for us the last time, why was it only $2692?  Weren’t they cutting it too close?  Couldn’t they have at least raised the bid to $3,000? They better offer us an Open Cat […]

COE Bidding…

Whoa…8mins left to bid… and it’s still $1?! 

Read another article in CNA about a top civil servant getting reprimanded for writing about this family’s vacation at a top French cooking school.  Apparently, some people felt that it was insensitive of him to publicise it ‘cos it showed how out of touch he was with your average Singaporean.  One woman that CNA spoke […]

Lost in Translation

Was feeling a little sleepy after lunch so I was reading the news on CNA.  Saw this article about how Shiseido is increasing its sales of whitening products this year. Somewhere in the middle of the article is a quote from Miriam Yeung that says, “I quite easily get dark in the sunlight. I will […]

My Virtual Family…

Met some really old friends for supper last night – my Kor, Bengz, JT and YM.  I’ve known Kor since Junior Sunday School (probably when I was 8 or 9) and the rest I got to know during secondary school.  We hardly get to meet up nowadays… esp. since Kor is living in Aust.  Meeting […]

1st Wedding of the Year

Attended my first wedding of 2009 yesterday.  Here’re some cool pics that Iceman took.  Downloaded the pics from facebook so the resolution’s not very good… but I guess it’ll suffice.  🙂   A homemade wedding cake (that’s a photo taken from the back of the cake).  First time I’ve seen a real wedding cake!  The […]

Pinky Zoolander

Pinky was hopping about the house yesterday when I asked him to keep still so I could take a photo.  I’m convinced he’s a natural model.  Step aside America’s Next Top Model.     The Zoolander look…               Taking a break on his birthday.           […]

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