The Gown!


The back of the gown… I want to have a big bow fixed on it.  Heh… forgot to tell French Bridal just now… guess I’ll do it on Fri when I meet the designer to come up with an evening gown.



Here’s another shot of the back.  I like the embroidery on the skirt and the scallop edge.



Here’s the front and a weird expression on my face – I think I was moving.



This was the other gown that I shortlisted.  It was a choice between this one and the one above.  I like the skirt of this gown more… especially the lace train but I preferred the front of the above gown more.  Oh and this is an example of a big bow I want sewn on the gown I chose.



Didn’t really like the front so much… the beading was… too even.  Hmm…



Tried this outdoor gown for fun… and… concluded I don’t like flowers that look like polka dots on a rumpled skirt.



I really liked this one ‘cos of the embroidery.



Loved the blue ribbons on the back though I thought the cutting of the train was a little strange… as in it looks as though it doesn’t join the dress properly?



Another shot of the front.



Iceman… eyes closed again…the flash was a little strong.



The gown looks yellowish ‘cos of the lighting and without flash.



Ended up choosing this gown for the outdoor shoot.  I think the layered tulle skirt will have a nice effect.



I love the back too.  🙂