Evening Gown Design


The shape of the dress can’t really be seen as the designer (aka tailor) is holding it up.  It’s a halter-cut cheongsam from the front.



The ruffles at the back flows from waist down.  Gives it a softer look.

The colour looks quite nice here but when I tried it on, I looked a little sallow in it.  Maybe due to the yellow light in the fitting room…*shrugs*

Decided to make use of my made to measure option to have the same gown design but sewn in another colour.  Went shopping at Arab Street yesterday and found a piece of cloth I like… just hope the designer will be able to find matching lace… ‘cos I think the green dress above is nice ‘cos the lace is the same colour as the dress.  Sigh.  :/

The Latio Sport Arrives

Bade farewell to the Sunny on Saturday.  It has been a good, hardworking car for 3.5 years but Iceman and I had a super good deal for the Latio Sport in Nov ’08 so we decided to trade in the Sunny for the Latio.  After waiting for 3 months to get our COE and the car fixed up (solar film, rust proofing, etc), the Latio was finally ready for collection on Sat.


The trusty Sunny



It was no sports car but it was ever reliable.  We were told that it’ll be sent straight to the export zone. 



Our new Latio Sport!!  Yippee.  The colour’s supposed to be "amethyst-grey".



Muah Chee & Patience went on a joyride.