It’s Only Tuesday?!

It’s only Tues but I feel as though I’ve spent all the energy available for work.  Cache has shown himself to be an efficient worker.  I’m also impressed that when I explain insurance concepts to him, he asks sensible questions that demonstrate his logical processing of the information.  But having to take care of this temp/intern has resulted in me working extra hard as I try to clear my own work as fast as possible. 

Heard from Jazz that a laptop has been approved for me and I’m probably going to get it in March.  That is NOT good news ‘cos it means I’ll be expected to check on deals from home.  Bleah.  There has also been rumours that this year’s increment and bonus is going to be BAD.  So it’s more work for less monetary compensation?  Argh.  So demoralising.  I hope the new government export scheme we’re on brings in big bucks so I can get a big fat bonus next year!  And a through the roof increment too!  Show me the money!