Silence is Golden

We have some regional colleagues who fly in from Hong Kong from time to time and I know they’re just being friendly by making small talk since we don’t see them on a daily basis.  I’m fine with them borrowing a bit of our desk space to check their emails or do some work on their laptop.  But it gets a little annoying when I’m trying to rush work and they’re trying to make small talk.  Perhaps it’s an attempt to be polite since they are borrowing our desk space but it is really not necessary.  People really underestimate the value of "silence is golden".

Magnetic Mattress & the Lot

*Rolls eyes*.

Received an sms from an ex-colleague from the ISP helpdesk I used to work at.  It said:

“Hi, Desperado here.  I’m mailing out tupperware catalogues.  Can I get your address? :)”.

*Rolls eyes again*.

This explains why, after years of not contacting me, I got an sms from him earlier this year wishing me a belated happy new year and asking how I was.  Call me cynical but I think he was just checking if my hp no. was still valid.

When we were still working at the helpdesk, he used to be into selling magnetic mattress and he used to try very hard to convince us to attend those marketing talks held by his company.

Now that he’s into tupperware sales, he’s trying to get all chummy again.  Crap.  Can’t stand people who only contact you when they’re trying to sell you something.  They’re as bad (if not worse) than insurance agents. 

Bleah.  I’ve never attended any magnetic mattress talk and I’m certainly not going to spam my mail box with tupperware catalogues.

*Ignores sms*.


Evening Gown Design


The shape of the dress can’t really be seen as the designer (aka tailor) is holding it up.  It’s a halter-cut cheongsam from the front.



The ruffles at the back flows from waist down.  Gives it a softer look.

The colour looks quite nice here but when I tried it on, I looked a little sallow in it.  Maybe due to the yellow light in the fitting room…*shrugs*

Decided to make use of my made to measure option to have the same gown design but sewn in another colour.  Went shopping at Arab Street yesterday and found a piece of cloth I like… just hope the designer will be able to find matching lace… ‘cos I think the green dress above is nice ‘cos the lace is the same colour as the dress.  Sigh.  :/

The Latio Sport Arrives

Bade farewell to the Sunny on Saturday.  It has been a good, hardworking car for 3.5 years but Iceman and I had a super good deal for the Latio Sport in Nov ’08 so we decided to trade in the Sunny for the Latio.  After waiting for 3 months to get our COE and the car fixed up (solar film, rust proofing, etc), the Latio was finally ready for collection on Sat.


The trusty Sunny



It was no sports car but it was ever reliable.  We were told that it’ll be sent straight to the export zone. 



Our new Latio Sport!!  Yippee.  The colour’s supposed to be "amethyst-grey".



Muah Chee & Patience went on a joyride.


I noticed recently that it’s less crowded during lunch time at Raffles Place.  At first I thought people were clearing leave in Dec.  Then I thought maybe some people took long leave ‘cos of Chinese New Year.  But it’s 13th Feb and the lunch crowd still appears less than less year.  Then it struck me – could it be ‘cos there’re many banks around Raffles Place and a lot of employees have been retrenched?  Hmm…

Bridal Hairstyles

Now that the gowns are almost settled, it’s time to decide on the hair.



My usual stylist says a French bun is good for the day look as I’ll need a neat hairdo so the veil will sit properly on my head.  I quite like the french bun… should I run ribbons or something inside the French bun something like this?




I like this curls a lot too… but will it look old if I use this with the evening gown?




Love this loose curls but not sure if it’ll work on straight Asian hair.




Loose bun!  I like!  Maybe this for the pre-wedding outdoor shoot?  I like the tendrils falling around the face.




Azure suggested I should have a hairdo with half my hair down so the pre-wedding photos won’t turn out oldish.  But this style might be a little too simple?




Think I might settle for something like this for the evening gown… it’s definitely more unusual than #2 above.  I’ll have it with fringe swept to the side though.



retro updo wedding hairstyle

Think would be excellent for the kua… but… don’t think got time to change so many times.  Heh.




I like this too!  But I suspect it’s for short hair… and I don’t think I’ll look good in this.




I like this too!  The white pearls in the hair… but… ok… it’s a bit old fashioned… I realised I have old fashion taste in hairdos…




This looks nice… but… I think it’ll end up looking Chun Li….



wedding hair with side bang

I love love love love this loose curls look!  But once again.. don’t think it suits me?  Don’t know… must discuss with stylist… don’t want to end up looking like 1990s getai singer.  Heh.  Good thing is… since I have 2 dinners… I can have different looks for both!  Woohoo!



Upon further thought, maybe I’ll do #5 for pre-wedding photoshoot, #7 for pre-wedding kua photo (I think I get to change hairdo… I forgot… but will try for it anyway), either #4 or #1 for actual day white gown, #11 for JB dinner and #6 for SG dinner.  How does that sound?  (Other than complicated)…

The Gown!


The back of the gown… I want to have a big bow fixed on it.  Heh… forgot to tell French Bridal just now… guess I’ll do it on Fri when I meet the designer to come up with an evening gown.



Here’s another shot of the back.  I like the embroidery on the skirt and the scallop edge.



Here’s the front and a weird expression on my face – I think I was moving.



This was the other gown that I shortlisted.  It was a choice between this one and the one above.  I like the skirt of this gown more… especially the lace train but I preferred the front of the above gown more.  Oh and this is an example of a big bow I want sewn on the gown I chose.



Didn’t really like the front so much… the beading was… too even.  Hmm…



Tried this outdoor gown for fun… and… concluded I don’t like flowers that look like polka dots on a rumpled skirt.



I really liked this one ‘cos of the embroidery.



Loved the blue ribbons on the back though I thought the cutting of the train was a little strange… as in it looks as though it doesn’t join the dress properly?



Another shot of the front.



Iceman… eyes closed again…the flash was a little strong.



The gown looks yellowish ‘cos of the lighting and without flash.



Ended up choosing this gown for the outdoor shoot.  I think the layered tulle skirt will have a nice effect.



I love the back too.  🙂

Online Radio Stations

I’ve always liked the Cantonese dialect though I don’t speak it very well.  While in NTU, I used to listen to FM 95.4, a Malaysian radio station which plays a mix of Mandarin and Cantonese songs.  I also found 1 or 2 online sites that broadcasted RTHK (HK public  radio stations) live.  Unfortunately, these sites had  lot of lag and the buffering was bad.

Almost 10 years on, my spoken Cantonese is still as bad but my love of Cantonese songs is still there.  Inspired by some retro Cantonese music on FM 95.4, I decided to do another online search for Cantonese radio stations.  Found this terrific website, Radiotime, which broadcasts live music from radio stations around the globe – free!  Is that great or what!  I’ve bookmarked the site.  So if you want to listen to a radio station in another country, do check that site out!  🙂


Ok, did a bit more research on available sites: (a very comprehensive list of HK stations) (online radio with Cantonese songs & the occasional Mandarin song… great site ‘cos HK radio stations tend to have too much talk shows and not enough music) (list of HK public stations)

Products I Like

Came to realise last week that I’m quite a fan of Scholl products. 


 Founds these in my office drawer!  Hehe

I have really bony ankles which results in the back of my shoe slipping from my foot when I wear covered shoes.  Scholl’s heel shields have worked wonderfully for me as they allow the shoes to grip the back of my ankles better.  What’s even better is that they’re reusable!!  Just wash in soapy water, rinse, and let them dry out before sticking them onto another pair of shoes.  Fantastic!

Scholl’s gel cushions have also saved my feet from many high heel shoes with thin inner soles as they provide wonderful cushion support.  Definitely eases the pressure on the balls of the feet and helps prevent calluses from forming.

The latest Scholl product that I’ve come to love is the gel blister plaster.  It’s a little on the expensive side – $9+ for 3 big plasters and 2 small ones.  Wore a pair of new shoes last week and the skin at the back of my ankles got red and sore.  No surprise what came to my rescue.  😛


 Photo taken without flash


 Photo taken with flash (more accurate colour)

As mentioned previously, I was dying to try out the Incoco dry nail polish.  Bought them 2 weeks back but didn’t get to try them till Fri night.  I love the fact that the colour’s perfectly even on the nail – which is difficult to achieve with the usual nail polish.  (Ok, maybe it’s just me – I admit my colouring / painting sucks).  Struggled a bit to stick the colours on initially… which resulted in a tiny tiny bubble on some fingers on my left hand (but they’re not visible unless you take a really close look).  Realised later on that the trick to avoid getting air bubbles trapped is to stretch the sticker a little as you stick it on the nail.

I think I quite like the look… so chances are, I’ll be getting a couple more packs.  😛

Changi Boardwalk

Iceman and I went on another excursion yesterday to scout for locations for our wedding photoshoot.  I first came across Changi Boardwalk in Geman’s facebook photos and it looked quite nice so we went to check it out.  Here’re some photos from yesterday…


  Our starting point.



I like how the wooden panels on the floor are not too new?  While the boardwalks at Henderson Wave are also wooden, they’re just too new… missing the rustic feel that I like.



  A peep of what lies ahead.



  Lots of people fishing.



  I think I would really like this place as a photoshoot venue.



If you look at the beach, you can see that the tide rises till just below Changi Beach Club.  Wonder if it’s an effect of global warming… or were the architects/engineers risk takers when they built the club…



  Poor little kite in the ominous looking sky…



Don’t ask me why I asked Iceman to take a photo of this tree.. it just looked a little forlorn… roots exposed in the red soil and all…



I hope this tyre survives till our photoshoot… though it’ll mean climbing over some uneven ground to get to it.  Saw a couple taking wedding photos at the beach yesterday… the bride was in heels.  Ended up removing her shoes ‘cos you obviously can’t walk on sand in stilettos.  Didn’t it occur to her to bring slippers or track shoes or something??  How silly.  *Shakes head*.



Same pavilion as above but different angle.



Same little kite.



I think what sets Changi Boardwalk apart from other "beach front" places is that there’s some colonial architecture left over from years past.  Like these railings… I love it.



Another nice spot for photoshoot.



Isn’t that bench cool!



Not many people sailing yesterday…



Quite unusual to see such rocks on Singapore beaches.



Someone with short arms drowning in high tide.



I didn’t know before yesterday that there are homes along the beach



And instead of looking out for cars, you have to look out for boats launching.



The skies were a little cloudy for photos yesterday… so everything looks grey and gloomy.. but I’m glad ‘cos I don’t want more freckles on my face!!

Yay!  Now we have 2 places to go for our wedding photoshoot.  🙂