Random Photos – Mar 2009


Make sure you know how a restaurant celebrates birthdays before you go there…



Alcoholic buaya spotted @ Marina Square



Was clearing out my desk when I found this super old mouse pad!  The UOB mini card was good for partying ‘cos it fitted discreetly into my jeans pocket.  Being relatively small, there was also a lower chance of it getting bent while salsa-ing.  I liked it.



I was so impressed with Scholl’s gel plaster, how inconspicuous it is, how soft, I just had to take a photo of it!



Here’s a pic of Pinky looking very discreet and inconspicuous too… he was literally digging into a bag of hay….



Pinky looks absolutely adorable when he places his front paws on his play box.  The photo was taken when he was cleaning himself so he’s kinda blurry.  Horlicks was staring right into the camera though.



Another shot of Pinky grooming.  🙂



This is completely unrelated to the above post.  I read in the papers over the weekend that there was a bit of a hooha in online forums over Joanne Peh’s bra size.  She apparently claims to be a D-cup and said that her cup size increases by 1 whole cup when she’s having a period.  Docs have debunked that to be highly unlikely.

There’s this old Ch 8 show on TV now and… she looks damn flat to me leh.  How to be D-cup?  A-cup more like it man… but I suppose there could be other ways of increasing your cup size…

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