Ass Factor

Anyone watched S Factor on Ch 5 last night?  Gosh.  It was bad… the girls were ugly (almost all of them), had bad body shapes and were generally short and flat.  Kinda sad.  But then again, if they were really good, they wouldn’t need to strip almost bare to command attention.  After all, models make clothes they wear grab attention… not take off their clothes to grab attention.

I suppose the only redeeming factor about the show is that it’s hilarious in a slapstick way.  Wanna see people stumble over tough mathematical questions like 1 x 1 or 2 x 3?  Watch S Factor.  Wanna see girls whine over chipped nails and ruined nail art?  Watch S Factor.  Wanna see blank faces when posed questions about current affairs?  Watch S Factor.

It’s like soft porn meet Dumb and Dumber…

Random Pics – Apr 2009


Finally got a keyboard at work so I don’t have to type using the laptop keyboard.  Love the shortcuts buttons on the top.



This keyboard is also quite idiot proof… would be really useful for people who are not familiar with shortcuts (see the green letters telling you all the shortcuts?).  Hehe.



Booze Queen got her friend to buy this preserved Yuzi snack from Japan.  It’s really yummy… and it leaves the tongue feeling a little numbish.



My latest pair of slippers.  From M)phosis.  They’re quite comfy and I love the way they look… except I still can’t walk very fast in them.  There’s a mild threat of them flying off my feet…