I don’t know what I did!

Last night, I tried what Kelwin taught previously in order to add a line spacing between the paragraphs.  I tried for 2 over hours but ultimately failed, and I ended up sending an e-mail to ask Kelwin for help again.  When I came to office this morning however, the line spacing was there between the paragraphs!  Gosh!  I checked my codes and I have no idea how it happened.  Unfortunately, together with the line spacing, there’s also this rather big gap from the title of the post, to the post itself.  Sigh.  I give up… more space is better than less space.

Anyway, here’re some cute pics my dad took of Horlicks and Pinky over the weekend.


To distract Horlicks from eating my mom’s orchids, my dad thought it was a good idea to let her eat the pandan leaves.  But she couldn’t reach… so my dad placed a tool for her.



I’m told that after Horlicks came down, Pinky followed suit but we don’t have photographic evidence of that.  Heh. 



Pinky, next to his favourite DHL box.



Horlicks, full after a meal of pandan leaves.

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