Beauty Regimen

I’ve never been a big follower of any beauty regimen because I’ve never been, and am still not sure about how scientifically proven they are.  My “beauty regimen” used to consist of 1) washing my face with a facial foam and 2) using a moisturiser for face.

In the last 6 months however, as my wedding date drew nearer, and out of pure kiasu-nism, I gradually stepped up my beauty regimen.  It’s like… what if I don’t do it and it actually works!?  And so an evolutionary process began starting with:

– wash + moisturise, to

– wash + scrub + moisturise + use sunscreen (for face), to

– wash + scrub + moisturise with separate face & eye moisturiser (I used to use my face moisturiser for my eye area too) + sunscreen + toner, to

– wash + scrub + moisturise (face & eye) + sunscreen + toner + mask!

I think I know why a “beauty regimen” is like a religion… some do it religiously, and just like the evolution process, no one can prove it’s real.