Bridal Makeup

Had a trial makeup session with the makeup artist (“MUA”) from French Bridal though I really don’t know what I was “trying” since she didn’t do the makeup base, and only used my own foundation to thicken it, and added on more blusher (I already had blusher). 

According to the MUA, during the actual photoshoot, she’ll highlight my nose bridge to make it appear sharper, add highlights below my eyes (‘cos when I smile there’s this “dent” there that makes it look as though I have severe eye rings), trim/neaten/tweeze my brows, use tape to create deeper double eyelids and stick on fake lashes.

Here’s a sample of what the MUA considers “normal makeup for daily wear”.


Dark plum-purple eyeshadow blended with beige-pink eyeshadow.


She also circled my entire eye (well, almost) with eyeliner which I’m not used to.  Makes my eyes look very black in person… though it’s ok in photo.  Heh.  I hope everything goes well during the actual photoshoot…

Most importantly, I hope I smile naturally during the shoot!  I don’t have a very good track record of smiling for photos… sigh.