Trial Makeup 2

Had a trial makeup with my usual hair stylist today.  I like her style a lot more… and the fact that she didn’t do a heavy eyeliner on my lower lid.  Now I’m torn… should I save $$ and stick to French Bridal’s MUA for the actual day morning makeup?  Or should I get my stylist to do everything?  (She’s charging $500 ‘cos she needs to be at my house b4 7am).  I’m leaning towards the latter…

2 thoughts on “Trial Makeup 2”

  1. hmm.. i find this look very natural.. too natural maybe? can’t really see that you’re wearing makeup. For the other one can see ur lashes and eyeshadow colour..

  2. This will be for actual day… day makeup. Yuki mentioned she’ll make the cheeks a bit rosier… so it’ll look pretty natural even with the fake lashes. Evening makeup will be darker, also using purple & some glitter.

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