The Flu Formerly Known as Swine

The Straits Times

May 4, 2009


Flu scare for NTU student

Undergrad returning from Mexico was admitted to CDC with running nose but tests show he’s clear

By Teh Joo Lin , Carolyn Quek , Lee Hui Chieh

AN UNDERGRADUATE who returned to Singapore last Friday from an exchange programme in Mexico caused a scare on Sunday, when he woke up with a running nose and was admitted to the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC).

The fear of a first infected patient here turned out to be a false alarm when laboratory tests showed that Mr Melvin Yang, 25, had not been infected by any Influenza A virus.

Mr Yang, who had been on self-imposed home quarantine, was not anxious because he thought that his running nose was probably due to his body adjusting back to the environment here.

But the third-year business student from the Nanyang Technological University decided to play it safe and call 993 for the special ambulance service to ferry him to the CDC, where he got his throat swabbed and blood sample taken.

‘I decided to do so as a precaution. I couldn’t just think that I was all right,’ he said.

He was kept overnight for observation in an isolation ward in the CDC, and said he should be discharged on Monday. ‘I’ve been told not to worry,’ he told The Straits Times from his room last night.

He is among three Singaporeans and two foreigners, who travelled here from Mexico in the last seven days, whom government officers have been monitoring over the phone.

One of the other Singaporeans has remained disease-free for seven days after returning home, and is now in the clear.

The other three people are also well, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

Nobody in Singapore has been found to have contracted the new Influenza A (H1N1) strain so far. Two more people who were unwell and had recent travel history were screened for the virus on Sunday, bringing the total number of such cases to 27.


Frankly, if I woke up and found my nose RUNNING, I would be damn scared too…

DIY Nail Art

Charmed by the Swarovski crystals on my nails last week, I decided to try applying them on my nails myself.  Saw how the manicurist did it last week and so I adapted…



1. Use base coat.

2. Use 2 coats of nail colour.

3. Apply 2 coats of white/gold glitter on the tips of nails (simulating a French manicure).

4. Drop a small glob of base coat onto a piece of paper.

5. Dip the sharp point of that metal tool in the pic above (er… not sure what it’s called but it’s meant for squeezing black heads) into the drop of base coat, then use it to pick up the crystal by tapping on the top of the crystal.

6. Still “holding” the crystal, dip the bottom of the crystal into the base coat, thus substituting nail glue.

7. Stick the crystal onto nail.

8. Apply 2 coats of quick dry top coat.



Voila!  (Btw, there’re many different sizes & colours of crystals that can be bought from Mix & Match at People’s Park Centre.  Really cheap too!)