Political Risk Smelling Good

Here’s a joke to add cheer to a dreary Friday.

Bigmac interviewed a candidate for our political risk and structured trade vacancy this morning.  The candidate is definitely very strong academically (2nd upper honours in Actuarial Science) but unfortunately not very savvy otherwise.  Here’s an excerpt of the conversation that convinced Bigmac not to hire him…

Bigmac: So you’re keen on political risk.  Have you heard of Hugo Chavez?
Candidate: Yes.  That’s a perfume right?

Bigmac assures me that I will not want him working with me.  HAHAHAHAHA.

Outdoor Shoot Preview (v3)

Blame it on my OCD nature but once I decided to touch up the photos, I couldn’t stop till I got them right (or at least as “right” as I could).  So this is the 3rd time I’m reposting the photos.  Realised I used too many “dark edges” effect in version 2 of this post.. so I redid all the photos.  This time, I also correct the contrast, lighting, colour and saturation of the pics, and rendered some lighting effect where I thought might be nice.  Of course, there was the usual cropping to remove the actual photographer’s arm/bag/flash, pillars, etc.

 IMG_1061 IMG_1073   

L: Getting ready

R: Azure testing the borrowed DSLR


 IMG_1102 IMG_1115 IMG_1120

L: Iceman looks like he’s enjoying himself.


 IMG_1124 IMG_1150 

Behind the scenes


IMG_1179 IMG_1176 

L: Doing funny faces while Iceman discusses serious stuff with the photographer.


IMG_1177 (2)

Testing a black & white pic…


 IMG_1220 IMG_1234

R: Horsing around


IMG_1237 IMG_1248 IMG_1267

R: Chatting between shots


 IMG_1348 IMG_1357 IMG_1398

L: Being cheeky while Iceman stares… at the time?


 IMG_1406  IMG_1442

L: Killing ants… the owner of the beetle should thank me.



L: My trusty slippers!  Wouldn’t have survived the day w/o them


 IMG_1467 IMG_1476

L: Hot… humid…


IMG_1525IMG_1542 IMG_1574 

L: Am v.proud of this photo ‘cos the colour was originally kinda bluish/greyish but I managed to correct it.  Yes, yes, no big deal for some but a big deal for my 3rd photoshop attempt.


 IMG_1582 IMG_1587

L: The ah lian pose is actually quite relaxing


IMG_1606  IMG_1628 IMG_1639

L: Our “kelong equivalent” location


IMG_1646 IMG_1645

R: Sigh.  My upper arm is too fat for my lower arm.  🙁


 IMG_1649 IMG_1659

Pseudo-romantic poses


 IMG_1668 IMG_1671


More and bigger photos (w/o the watermark) on Facebook!