Are You Smarter than a…

had a bit of spare time at work so i decided to take a break and catch up on my friend’s blog.  read her concern about having her son do well in his secondary school exams (could be the GCE ‘O’ levels – i’m not absolutely sure) and it reminded me of something i was mulling over during the weekend.

(for those who didn’t read my post on flat hunting) – over the weekend, i bumped into this old old friend which i got to know from TPJC but we sort of lost touch after i left TPJC for TJC after the GCE ‘O’ levels came out.  this friend of mine is now working as an investment banker at HSBC.  i don’t know how successful he is in his field but to be an investment banker is definitely not too bad right?

it made me wonder then… when we were back in JC and there was all this emphasis to be from a "top JC" (not a major reason but it did contribute to why i went to TJC instead of staying at TPJC).. how much of it really matters?  maybe at the end of the day, getting that basic degree is the bottom line… thereafter, it’s how hard you work and your attitude in life that counts? 

i haven’t figured this one out yet.. and i guess i will ultimately have to should i have a kid in future.