Of Eye Liners and Tight Lining

Those following this blog would know that I’m forever on a quest to find an eyeliner that does not smudge when I tightline my upper lid.  I’ve tried the Revlon pencil, Bobbi Brown gel liner, Mac gel liner, Mac Engrave Powerpoint, Majolica liquid liner, and the list goes on.

It was only last week when I found the best combination for my oily lids – Anna Sui eyeliner pencil followed by dabbing of Bobbi Brown gel liner over it.  My tightlining has stayed on the whole day so far!  There might be a very slight smudge on the area below my eyes when I reach office but it’s very very manageable.  😀

Yeah!  Finally!

2 thoughts on “Of Eye Liners and Tight Lining”

  1. I’ve got oily eyelids too!! But I found my prize companion with the liquid eye linear from Bloom. Works wonders for me. Oh, but I always make sure that I have a layer of loose powder on the lids first. 🙂

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