I Love Efficient Lunches!

Met Azure for lunch below her office yesterday and was reminded that I love the feeling of walking at my usual brisk pace.  I walked from Raffles Place to China Square Central for lunch, then to Arcade Shopping Centre to buy 4D, and then stopped by the ice-cream uncle below my office to dabao dessert, and got back to office in 55min.  It felt great breezing past everyone as I walked.

Decided to do another “efficient lunch” today.  Left my office at 12:08pm, went to check out dresses at Fond at Chevron House, then took the MRT to Raffles City, browsed quickly through Topshop, Warehouse and eventually bought a dress from Esprit, then came back to OUB Centre to dabao lunch and got back to office at 1:01pm.  Shiok.

The only thing I didn’t get to do was pay my OCBC credit card bill at the AXS machine.  Don’t know why only 1 AXS machine at Raffles Place accepts UOB ATM cards and rest only accept DBS/POSB and I don’t have those.  :(  The queues were horrendously long too… guess I’ll just pay the bill tonight.

I should do this “efficient lunch” more often.

P.S. The mee sua kueh that Booze Queen loves is DELICIOUS!  The bits of ingredients in it is sooooooooo yummy!  (Bought from Dily’s at the basement of OUB Centre)

Are You Smarter than a…

had a bit of spare time at work so i decided to take a break and catch up on my friend’s blog.  read her concern about having her son do well in his secondary school exams (could be the GCE ‘O’ levels – i’m not absolutely sure) and it reminded me of something i was mulling over during the weekend.

(for those who didn’t read my post on flat hunting) – over the weekend, i bumped into this old old friend which i got to know from TPJC but we sort of lost touch after i left TPJC for TJC after the GCE ‘O’ levels came out.  this friend of mine is now working as an investment banker at HSBC.  i don’t know how successful he is in his field but to be an investment banker is definitely not too bad right?

it made me wonder then… when we were back in JC and there was all this emphasis to be from a "top JC" (not a major reason but it did contribute to why i went to TJC instead of staying at TPJC).. how much of it really matters?  maybe at the end of the day, getting that basic degree is the bottom line… thereafter, it’s how hard you work and your attitude in life that counts? 

i haven’t figured this one out yet.. and i guess i will ultimately have to should i have a kid in future.

Renewed Acquaintance

Talk about coincidences… while shopping for a flat on Sat, Iceman & I bumped into another couple of which the guy looked really familiar to me.  I asked that guy’s agent (his agent knows my agent) if the guy was called “E”.  The agent hummed and hawed and said, “no”.  His reply didn’t seem very confident so I wasn’t satisfied. 

After we finished viewing all the flats, Iceman, my agent and I stopped at Eastpoint to have a drink.  I then went through my phone book and found what I suspected might’ve been the contact no. of the guy I found familiar and I sent him an sms.  Lo and behold, I was right! 

Oh well, E wasn’t that difficult to recognise lah… though I haven’t seen him in 5 years… ‘cos he looked the same as when I first knew him in JC – same size (v.rare), same type of specs, same dressing style.  Now I’m wondering why E’s agent didn’t want to admit I recognised the correct person.  Was he worried I’ll influence E to use my agent instead?  Tsk tsk… should have more confidence in himself what.  *Shakes head*.

Anyway, found out that E is working in HSBC as an investment banker.  Hmm… wonder if I can get some biz from him in future… hahahahahah.

Fruitful Weekend

Went flat hunting with Iceman over the weekend.  Managed to squeeze in viewing for 9 flats in about 2.5hrs… which any agent will tell you is very efficient.  We saw a mixture of 4 & 5 room flats of different layouts in Simei and we eventually decided to go for a 5-rm flat ‘cos the 4-rm flats were just too tiny (~84sqm)!

The valuation price for the flats were ridiculously high – about 420k to 440k for a 21-year old 5-rm flat, and 490k to 515k for a 12-year old flat, and so we were pretty much constrained by our budget, and had to opt for the older flats.

We initially made an offer of 420k for this 5-rm flat on the 11th storey (20k below the valuation price) because I liked the fact that it was on a high floor (the highest floor actually) but the silly seller’s agent didn’t want to accept our price and wanted us to increase it by another 5k, which we were unwilling because the flat required a major renovation overhaul.

We arranged for a 2nd viewing on Sun for the above flat, as well as our initial “2nd choice” 5th storey flat in another block.  My my… the sun was really strong on Sun (pun unintended) and during the 2nd viewing, we realised that the 11th flr flat was fully exposed to it, whereas the 5th flr flat was shielded by the trees outside the flat, as well as the position of the lift shaft.

In the end, we decided to drop the 11th flr flat and went for the 5th flr one.  Hmph… this ought to be a lesson to the seller’s agent of the 11th flr flat – never let a potential buyer get away.  Moron!

Anyway, the more I think about it, the happier I am because we happen to like the interior design of the living and dining rooms of the flat we went for.  This, I can assure you, is a really rare occurrence when it comes to flat hunting as most buyers tend to fork out a lot of extra $$ to re-do the interior design (ID) of the flats.

We still have a bit of HDB procedures to clear before we exercise the OTP so hope all goes well!


Delusional about Weight Loss

I saw Gan Cheong Spider in the pantry and she said yet again, "Wah!  You lost weight again leh".  I told her, "Please.  My weight has remained the same since I was in JC.  I didn’t gain weight, neither did I lose weight lah.  If everytime you see me and I lose weight, I would be dead by now". 

She then said, "Do you like it when people tell you you’ve lost weight?  I like leh!".

I was like duh?  I mean, what people say doesn’t make a difference to your actual weight right?

Sigh.  Some people like to be delusional.  自欺欺人

Dressing Appropriately

Bigmac’s favourite interviewee is here for a 2nd interview with Upsize and she’s wearing a cardigan!  Isn’t it simple knowledge that you should always be in a suit when you go for an interview?  Granted this may be difficult if your current job doesn’t require you to dress formally… but I’ve known many people who somehow stow away their jackets so that they can wear it during the interview.

Sigh… this warrants a “minus points” for me.  Tsk tsk.  Oh well, I guess we can get her suited up if she gets the job (which is highly likely).  Apart from this… she seems all right…


I have a terrible habit.. when I get really really sick of work, I can stare at all the things that need to be done, all the e-mails that need to be replied, and not do anything.  Yup.  I’ll just procrastinate & stone.  It’s a terrible terrible habit.  Sigh.  Sian… no mood to work but so many things to do.  Bleah.

Viva M3xic0!

Celebrated my birthday at Viva Mexico with Azure, BQ and Iceman.  Here’re the pics!


Started off with yummy nachos… I think Viva Mexico gives this free…



Natural Lime Margarita



Guacamole dip (I think)


 P1020464 P1020465

Sizzling chicken and beef fajita






Booze Queen & Azure!



Some fish dish…



The table full of food!



Mango margarita



Yup… it’s the big 3-O.


  P1020482 P1020481

The panasonic FX33 doesn’t do very well in very dim lighting… I think BQ’s camera prob. had better pics!

Birthday Weekend

Wasn’t much of a birthday weekend since I only celebrated my birthday with 2 close gal pals and Iceman.  Main focus of this weekend was going for NTU Buddy’s wedding dinner and selecting photos from French Bridal to go into the wedding album.  I initially thought I might choose an additional 15 pics but Iceman and I were conservative in our selection so only 10 additional pics were chosen.  Not that it came cheap… the 10 photos cost us an additional $700.

Was looking through my cousin’s wedding album on Facebook and I noted a distinct difference in Iceman and my selection with… probably what I’ve seen in other people’s wedding albums so far.  Iceman and I didn’t choose any duplicated backdrops in our photos.  For e.g. if we had a series of photos taken with a swing, we would choose the nicest pic with the swing, and then move on to the next shot.  I sure hope I won’t regret this but when we were choosing the pics, I strongly felt that it would make the album more interesting if there was something different with each pic – be it a different gown, or different venue, or different prop (e.g. chair / bouquet / bunnies – ah yes.  One of the selected shots had Patience & MC in it).

Iceman also pointed out that the comedic/impromptu shots taken by Azure could be included in our photo montage and I’m quite likely to go for this.  Hehe… my ah lian pose, sticking tongue out pose, slipper pose and the the arty farty “blurred bouquet” pic.  Heh.

Anyway, time to sleep.  It’s going to be a busy week ahead with a tender proposal due on 22 May.  Bleah.  Wedding prep can be fun, albeit tiring!