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I Love Efficient Lunches!

Met Azure for lunch below her office yesterday and was reminded that I love the feeling of walking at my usual brisk pace.  I walked from Raffles Place to China Square Central for lunch, then to Arcade Shopping Centre to buy 4D, and then stopped by the ice-cream uncle below my office to dabao dessert, […]

Are You Smarter than a…

had a bit of spare time at work so i decided to take a break and catch up on my friend’s blog.  read her concern about having her son do well in his secondary school exams (could be the GCE ‘O’ levels – i’m not absolutely sure) and it reminded me of something i was […]

Confidence Survey

Can you help my friend do this survey please?  It’s only available in the next 23hrs.  4 questions.  Very fast!! Thanks!

Renewed Acquaintance

Talk about coincidences… while shopping for a flat on Sat, Iceman & I bumped into another couple of which the guy looked really familiar to me.  I asked that guy’s agent (his agent knows my agent) if the guy was called “E”.  The agent hummed and hawed and said, “no”.  His reply didn’t seem very […]

Fruitful Weekend

Went flat hunting with Iceman over the weekend.  Managed to squeeze in viewing for 9 flats in about 2.5hrs… which any agent will tell you is very efficient.  We saw a mixture of 4 & 5 room flats of different layouts in Simei and we eventually decided to go for a 5-rm flat ‘cos the […]

Delusional about Weight Loss

I saw Gan Cheong Spider in the pantry and she said yet again, "Wah!  You lost weight again leh".  I told her, "Please.  My weight has remained the same since I was in JC.  I didn’t gain weight, neither did I lose weight lah.  If everytime you see me and I lose weight, I would […]

Dressing Appropriately

Bigmac’s favourite interviewee is here for a 2nd interview with Upsize and she’s wearing a cardigan!  Isn’t it simple knowledge that you should always be in a suit when you go for an interview?  Granted this may be difficult if your current job doesn’t require you to dress formally… but I’ve known many people who […]


I have a terrible habit.. when I get really really sick of work, I can stare at all the things that need to be done, all the e-mails that need to be replied, and not do anything.  Yup.  I’ll just procrastinate & stone.  It’s a terrible terrible habit.  Sigh.  Sian… no mood to work but […]

Viva M3xic0!

Celebrated my birthday at Viva Mexico with Azure, BQ and Iceman.  Here’re the pics! Started off with yummy nachos… I think Viva Mexico gives this free…   Natural Lime Margarita   Guacamole dip (I think)     Sizzling chicken and beef fajita   Quesadillas!   Booze Queen & Azure!   Some fish dish…   The […]

Birthday Weekend

Wasn’t much of a birthday weekend since I only celebrated my birthday with 2 close gal pals and Iceman.  Main focus of this weekend was going for NTU Buddy’s wedding dinner and selecting photos from French Bridal to go into the wedding album.  I initially thought I might choose an additional 15 pics but Iceman […]

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