The Low Down on the T707


Booze Queen and I bought the Sony Ericsson T707 just now.  BQ got the pink one and I went for the blue one.  The phone’s ok so far… the OS being a little slower than my N82 (which is surprising ‘cos I thought the lag on N82’s symbian OS would be worse) but that’s not my main gripe about the T707.  My main gripes are:

  1. The keypad is really difficult to press!  The buttons are too flat which make them difficult to feel.  I didn’t get to try typing on a new set (at least not one with a battery inside) so I couldn’t fully gauge how difficult it would be… though I expected some level of difficulty with it.
  2. It doesn’t come with a USB cable!!!  Grr… this really annoyed me.  Lucky my mom’s SE hp has one.

The good thing about it?  It’s light, sleek & chio.  Plus, it’s my favourite flip phone design.  I suppose I couldn’t complain less since I only paid $128 for it…

Noted another good thing about the N82 though… it’s able to function w/o a sim card.  The phone just boots up in the offline mode which means I still can make use of the camera (yay!) and I suspect the GPS should still work (can’t test it out ‘cos my licence expired over the weekend and I haven’t decided if I want to renew it).