more madness…

more news on psycho woman!  she told an underwriter that she got a private investigator to follow bouncy!  that’s why she knows where bouncy stays and who she married, etc.  she said she did it ‘cos bouncy has something against her, and once made her wait 1h before meeting, which according to bouncy never happened.  she also apparently flashed her tummy to some colleagues on Wed to show them her caesarean scar. 

although i don’t like bouncy, i feel freaked out for her.  hahahahaha. 


P.S. while all this makes for very exciting news, i think it’s very worrying that she’s the mother of a newborn, as in, what if she does something to harm the newborn unintentionally?  given her state of mind, it really doesn’t look like she’s capable of taking care of herself, not to mention the baby.  i do hope her husband (who’s apparently also from my company previously) takes her to seek professional help!