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you get what you give

i sent out a 2nd round of sms-es today to people who have not replied to my 1st round of sms wedding invitation.  some came back and said yes, others said they couldn’t make it ‘cos they won’t be in Singapore.  some also said they will get back to me later ‘cos they are still […]

more madness…

more news on psycho woman!  she told an underwriter that she got a private investigator to follow bouncy!  that’s why she knows where bouncy stays and who she married, etc.  she said she did it ‘cos bouncy has something against her, and once made her wait 1h before meeting, which according to bouncy never happened.  […]

Spiral Staircase

Another march-in recommendation, from Azure.   Cute song, especially the chorus… but I don’t think we’ll get to hear the chorus as there’re 2 verses before that…

weird & weirder

aiyah… booze queen and i went to raffles city during lunch and we missed all the drama!  bigmac just recounted his exciting lunch to me.  some woman who used to work for our company came back and got our receptionist to call up everyone she knew in the office.  however, no one was around ‘cos […]

Blog Theme

As can be seen, I changed my blog theme again.  Heh.  Was sick of it looking light & sweet.  This bunny theme is probably the most original theme I have… it’s based on the kubrick / k2 template, but I amended the banner pic to one of my bunnies, and I amended the colours of […]

Your Ears, My Feet

Argh.. sleepy sleepy.  Was dilly dallying last night and ended up sleeping at 2:10am.  Thank goodness I ironed 4 dresses on Sun so my work attire from Mon – Thurs is settled. Went to the tailor during lunch & dropped off the lining for the gown.  Decided to stop by International Plaza since I was […]

Maybe Not This Day

Sigh… “This Day” may be a little too slow… thinking about this song instead… True love ways – Martina McBride   Dilemma dilemma!

La vie en rose – Tony Bennett & KD Lang   Feeling good – Michael Buble (To start at 00:48 onwards). Can’t decide!!

This Day (Point of Grace)

Slept really late last night ‘cos I was trying to find songs suitable for the march-in.  In the end, I thought of This Day by Point of Grace for the solemnisation march-in, La Vie En Rose for the 1st march-in during the dinner… and maybe Feeling Good by Michael Buble for the 2nd? Here’s how […]

Weekend in Pictures

Snapped these pics over the weekend (using the SE T707’s 3.2MP camera).   Had brunch from this stall at Old Airport Food Centre (at Kallang).  Fantastic.  Best prawn-bak kut teh I’ve ever tried.   Was waiting for Iceman to get his pants altered at G2000. I thought this woman’s dressing was really weird… macam wearing […]

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