Time to say Goodbye


Sigh.  Had to sadly buy a new hairdryer to replace the Rowenta one above.  I really like my Rowenta hairdryer.  There isn’t any special features to it but it has served me well.  My parents bought it in 1977 – even before I was born!  The fuse, unfortunately, blew a couple of months ago and it doesn’t look like my dad intends to fix it.  (This is the 3rd time the fuse blew – though the first two times was caused by me – hair got sucked into the fan coil).

With much despair, I bought a new hairdryer from Philips. 


I had my reservations about Philips ‘cos I used to have one when I was in NTU and it didn’t last the 2 years I stayed in hostel!  Didn’t have much choice though ‘cos Harvey Norman carries mainly Philips or Braun and Braun is quite expensive.

Oh well, I hope it lasts.  Bye bye Rowenta hairdryer.  You were the best!!

Money Makes (Some) Worlds Go Round

RM10,000 to keep them Muslim


THE state government will continue to pay a RM10,000 incentive to Muslim preachers or missionaries who are willing to marry Orang Asli women to prevent them from leaving the religion.

State Islamic Development, Education and Dakwah Committee chairman Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said efforts had to be made to ensure that the Orang Asli people would not be easily influenced by missionaries of other faiths.

"We were told that certain Orang Asli settlements in the rural areas had been visited by non-Islamic missionaries and they had been spreading their faith to these people," Nik Mohd told the state assembly yesterday.

Replying to a question by Datuk Mohd Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Kok Lanas), he said the action included conducting awareness programmes and also organising training for Orang Asli to become religious teachers.

The Kelantan government introduced the incentive payment three years ago as part of its efforts to convert Orang Asli to Islam.

I Endeavour to Blog More Regularly

I think I really need to blog more regularly.  I have a really really poor memory, e.g. I can from the living room to my bedroom to take something, but I’ll forget what I wanted to get once I reach my bedroom.  Yesterday, I saw that a bill of $391.95 was charged to my credit card and I couldn’t recall what on earth it was for.  After going through the receipts for things we bought for the flat, I concluded it wasn’t an item purchased for the flat.  As I couldn’t remember what it was, I called Citibank to say that I was going to dispute the amount.  Although I didn’t think my card was misused, ‘cos it would be quite stupid for someone to “steal” my card and spend only $391.95, I couldn’t pay for something I don’t recall buying either.

Citibank was very helpful and proceeded to block my card and put through my “dispute”.  Unfortunately (or I should say fortunately?), 5 min after that was done, Azure figured out that I prob. spent that amount on buying mooncakes!  And she was right!  Hehe… I totally forgot I coordinated the purchase of Maxim mooncakes for my colleagues and thus I paid quite a big sum for the mooncakes.  Sigh. 

I immediately called Citibank to inform them that I’m not disputing the amount anymore.  The officer I spoke to is on the other line unfortunately, so I’m waiting for her to call me back.

Sigh.  I think I shall blog as often as I can… just a short note to jot EVERYTHING down.  Argh. 

Janice & Sonia Lee

First heard this pair of twins on my friend’s facebook page.  Checked out their youtube channel and although they talk funny (as though there’s something in their mouth), they sing beautifully and what I really really like is their harmonisation!!


Check out this video of them singing in Korean… wait for the harmonisation… it’s really nice!!

I’m so impressed by the sister that does the harmonisation.  Heh.

Fruity Copycats!

Mobile phone giant Nokia sues Apple over patents

HELSINKI : Nokia, the world’s biggest mobile phone maker, took on the iconic iPhone on Thursday by suing US rival Apple for infringing 10 Nokia patents on mobile phone technology.
"The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007," Nokia said in a statement.
Nokia said it had filed the complaint against Apple on Thursday with the Federal District Court in Delaware in the United States.
Nokia earlier this month posted its first quarterly loss in a decade amid falling sales. Analysts said the poor results were partly due to the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry over Nokia models.
"By refusing to agree appropriate terms for Nokia’s intellectual property, Apple is attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation," Ilkka Rahnasto, deputy head of Nokia’s legal department, said in the statement.
The company stressed that it had spent 40 billion euros (60 billion dollars) in research and development over the past two decades.
"The ten patents in suit relate to technologies fundamental to making devices which are compatible with one or more of the GSM, UMTS (3G WCDMA) and wireless LAN standards," Nokia said.
Analysts noted it was not the first time a mobile device maker started a court battle against its rival to protect its valuable patents.
"This does not come as a surprise. Nokia has likely been negotiating with Apple since it revealed the iPhone and has failed to reach an agreement," Ben Wood, director of research at CCS Insight, told AFP.
"They (Apple) have sold dozens of millions of phones, and if they haven’t paid the patents it could be a several billion euro deal or at least hundreds of million euro deal," analyst Greger Johansson from Redeye explained.
The Finnish firm’s net loss in July-September was 559 million euros and its sales shrank by nearly 20 percent to 9.8 billion euros on a 12-month comparison.
Nokia last week said its share of the global mobile device markets remained flat at 38 percent, but in smartphones like the iPhone its market share dropped to 35 percent in the third quarter from 41 percent in the previous quarter.
Industry specialists said Nokia had failed to improve its smartphone selection to attract customers to choose Nokia models instead of iPhone or Blackberry.
– AFP /ls

Flat Update

Our flat, 3/4 done.


Living room and balcony



This is where the TV console will be.



Taken from the living room and facing the kitchen doorway.



This is where the kitchen cabinets will be.


221020091163 221020091162

The master bedroom combined with the 2nd bedroom.



The 3rd bedroom which we’ll convert to a study.

(Photos taken with my Nokia N82).


Forgive my “suaku-ness” but I just found this search engine from Microsoft called “Bing”.  Just tried searching “Nokia X6” with it and it gave me some results which I didn’t see when I used google to search.  Heh.  Bing!