Janice & Sonia Lee

First heard this pair of twins on my friend’s facebook page.  Checked out their youtube channel and although they talk funny (as though there’s something in their mouth), they sing beautifully and what I really really like is their harmonisation!!


Check out this video of them singing in Korean… wait for the harmonisation… it’s really nice!!

I’m so impressed by the sister that does the harmonisation.  Heh.

10 thoughts on “Janice & Sonia Lee”

  1. i really love you guys!.,
    you’re so wonderful..
    We people are sooo bless to have you all..
    I thank God for giving you those special talent you two have now..
    Praise the Lord!.,
    take care always..

  2. i really admire both of you,
    you really love serving God through your voices..
    i’m just one of ur no.1 fun here in the Philippines..
    I always look for your news songs to be posted in youtube..

    both of u are so nice..

  3. what the nice sound…
    i like it much…
    are them chinese…???
    whatever, they really best than other singer…

  4. yeah.. they have so beautiful voice.. i love them so much.. ^_^ godbless them.. hope they have a concert in the philippines..

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